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Encore Accuracy Barrels $325

Model 97D Single Shot Rifles

Quigley Sharps Rifle by Shiloh Sharps Rifle Co

Quigley® Sharps Rifle...
Rifle and Movie Review

  Beautiful rifles, identical to the movie rifle. See the Movie, Read about the Rifle!

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Single Shot Rifles

Which Cartridge to Choose?
Trajectory and Knock-Down
6.5mm Benchrest Magnum
6mm PPC in Single Shot Rifles.
97D Single Shot Rifle Load Data.
VihtaVuori Reloading Guide
Sierra Single Shot Cartridges
Brockman Muzzle Brakes
WSMs in Single Shot Rifles
Single Shot Cartridge Brass
Coming Soon...
223 Rem in the TC Encore.
6mm BR in the TC Encore
TC Factory Encore Barrels
Price list and on-line accessories
TC Factory Contender Barrels
single shot rifles encore

Modern Single Shot Rifles...
Big Three from TC, Ruger, and EABCO

  Modern in design, cartridge, and popularity, the "Big Three" single shot rifles are each in a class of their own. The TC Encore is a break-open design with changeable barrels. The Ruger #1 is a hammerless falling block design suited to mainstream ammunition. And the Brown 97D is a light and easy pointing unit that's known for simplicity and inherent accuracy.

Manufacturers of
Single Shot Rifles

E. Arthur Brown Company - Model
97D Rifles and BF Pistols, TC Encore Accuracy Barrels, Hicks #1 Accurizer.
Thompson Center Arms - TC Encore and Contender G2 Rifles and Pistols.
Sturm, Ruger and Company - Ruger Number One Single Shot Rifle.
Suppliers of TC Encore
E. Arthur Brown Company
Fox Ridge Custom TC Barrels
Custom Encore Gunstocks
Encore 209X50 Muzzle Loader
TC Encore Shotgun
25 ACP Breech Plugs & VariFlame
Suppliers of Ruger #1
Hicks #1 Accurizer Device

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