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Huge Discounts on Premium 22 LR Ammunition - Please Scroll Down

Lapua and SK Brands of 22 Ammo - Made in Germany, Top Quality!

SK Match Grade Ammo by Lapua
SK Standard Plud 22 LR Ammunition
Price/Avail Lapua SK Rifle Match
Price/Avail Lapua SK Standard Plus
SK High Velocity Ammo by Lapua
SK High Velocity Solid 22 LR Ammunition
Price/Avail SK Hi-Velocity Hollow Point
Price/Avail SK Hi Velocity Solid Point
Lapua Match Grade 22 Ammo
Lapua 22 Ammo
X-ACT | Center-X | Rapid Pistol
Pistol King | Midas+
Price/Avail SK Subsonic Ammo 40 gr. (50) * 500 Rnds Click "Quantity Pricing" | SK Ammo Brochure PDF

RWS Target 22 Ammo
RWS Target
Subsonic 1080 fps ()
Wolf Match Extra 22 Ammo w/VihtaVuori Powder
*Wolf Match Extra
Subsonic 1050 fps ()
Aguila Subsonic Ammunition
Aguila 22 Ammo
Subsonic and Hyper Velocity
*Wolf Match Extra = SK Rifle Match  |  *Wolf Match Target = SK Standard Plus (above)
RWS High Velocity Hollow Points
RWS High Velocity
Hollow Points!
RWS SubSonic Hollow Points
RWS SubSonic
Hollow Points
Wolf Match Target 22 Ammo *Wolf Match Target
(500 Rnd Bricks
Subsonic Velocity 10/50 fps

  Exceptional quality at an affordable price. Clean Vihta- Vuori powder. Consistent priming compound. Price/Avail

No Minimum Order
Affordable Weight Based UPS Shipping Charges!
No Minimum Order - Feel Free to Mix and Match
Try out a variety if you wish!

  Federal law requires that you be at least 21 years old to purchase handgun and rifle ammunition.
  Check your local laws before you order. 
  Note: For safety reasons, ammunition is not returnable.

Lapua Subsonic 22 Ammo - By the Box or By the Brick!

Premium Match Grade Ammo, Choice of Champions - Click Here for Details!


Lapua X-ACT (50)



Lapua X-ACT (500)


Lapua Midas+ (50)



Lapua Midas+ (500)


Lapua Center-X (50)



Lapua Center-X (500)


Lapua Pistol King (50)



Lapua Pistol King (500)


Lapua Pistol OSP (50)



Lapua Pistol OSP (500)

No Minimum Order, New Weight Based UPS Shipping.
Lapua 22 LR Ammunition

Premium CCI 22 Ammo... Sorry, Out of Stock!

100 Rounds Per Box
100 Rounds Per Box - Single Box Price
100 Rounds Per Box - Single Box Price
CCI Select 22 Ammo
CCI Select
Semi Auto 1200 fps
CCI CB Long 22 Ammo
CB Long Yard Ammo
Subsonic 710 fps
CCI Green Tag 22 Ammo
Green Tag Match Ammo
Subsonic 1050 fps
CCI Quiet-22 Ammo

Subsonic 710 fps like the
CB Long but with a heavier bullet for More WHACK!
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