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Information Page - Discontinued - The 97D Riflescope is Not Available At This Time

Brown 97D Riflescope... For Those Who Appreciate Fine Rifles

The Brown Accent Ring on the Objective Bell says simply "Brown 97D Riflescope 4-12x40mm"

Brown 97D Riflescope is 4-12x40mm...

Story and Review by Eben Brown, © 2007-2015 by EABCO

  The Brown 97D Riflescope is an affordable all-around "Rifleman's" scope to compliment our Brown 97D Rifles and Encore Accuracy Barrels. Inspired by the Bushnell Elite 3200 4-12x40mm PA, the 97D Riflescope delivers as good or better optics and precision at a far lower price... AND, it has a Fast Focus Eyepiece and Dust Covered Target Knobs.
   Strong On Basics: The 97D Riflescope has fully multicoated camera quality crystal lenses for superb edge to edge clarity. The windage and elevation adjustments are click repeatable 1/4 MOA. Point of impact is solid through the whole 4-12x magnification range. And, its waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it up.
  Here's the story: Way back in 2005, we asked Mueller optics to build us a compact 4-12X40mm riflescope with adjustable parallax, a Fast Focus eyepiece, and refined low profile Target Knob wind-age and elevation adjustments. We insisted on the highest standards for the development of this scope.
97D Riflescope 4-12x
97D Riflescope Parallax Adjustable
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  About a year later, the first prototype showed up and we began field and target testing it. Several more prototypes were built: First the 4-12x40mm magnification had to be perfected. Then the Fast focus eyepiece. Then the low profile target style windage and elevation knobs. The second to last prototype was exploding 370 yard prairie dog pups "at will" in the Spring of 2007. The final prototype made my longest ever one shot kill through the heart of an Antelope at 312 yards in October of 2007.
  Now Shipping! We've sold nearly all of the first two production runs but don't worry... They're still in stock and we've got hundreds more coming! Thank you all for making the 97D Riflescope a resounding success!
97D Riflescope 4-12x40
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Why is 4-12x40mm PA So Special?

97D Rifle Scope and Antelope

127-S97M Brown 97D Riflescope
Includes FREE Sunshade and FREE UPS Shipping

(Discontinued - The 97D Scope is No Longer Available)

Compact 4-12x40mm PA (Parallax Adjustable)
Fully Multi-Coated Crystal Lenses Throughout

(Gives Superior Edge to Edge Image Clarity)

Fast Focus Eyepiece • Medium Fine Plex Reticle
Low Profile Target Knobs with Dust Coverss
Speed Glide Magnification Ring is 4-12x
Parallax Adjustable from 10yds to Infinity
Click Value ¼" @ 100 yds (⅛" @ 50 yds)
Waterproof, Fogproof, and Shockproof
Limited Lifetime Warranty

   4-12x gives low enough magnification for woods hunting but zooms to high enough magnification for open range hunting. The 40mm objective lens gives more than enough light gathering for 4-12x magnification while keeping the scope profile as compact as possible. And, parallax adjustment dials out optical error (from eye movement) to give accurate aiming at all distances. 
  I've made many one-shot kills on Antelope from 150-312 yards with my 97D Rifle. The 312 yard heart shot I made illustrates the long range capabilities of the Brown 97D Riflescope (and the 97D Rifle). I had ranged the Antelope at just over 300 yards during my stalk and set the scope for 12X magnification and 300 yard parallax correction. Between that and the Fast Focus eyepiece I had already dialed in before the hunt, I had a crystal clear view of the Antelope overlaid with my crosshairs. I held the horizontal crosshair even with the top of the back, centered just behind the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. The 6.5mm BRM bullet went right through the Antelope, breaking ribs on both sides, destroying both lungs, and taking off the top half of the heart. It was the best Antelope shot I ever made and is a credit to the 97D Riflescope, the 97D Rifle, and the 6.5mm BRM cartridge.
  I used the same gun for deer hunting in the northern Minnesota woods. This time, I set the 97D Riflescope for 4x magnification and the parallax correction for 50 yards (the furthest I could see in the woods). I sat on my stand and threaded a shot through the brush to take a nice young Whitetail Buck through both lungs on the second weekend. Another kind of precision aiming!!
  If you'd like to read more about "Parallax" and rifle scopes, take a look at our free technical report on choosing a rifle scope. It explains many aspects of riflescopes and you'll see that the more you read, the more the idea of an all around "Rifleman's" scope tends to point to a 4-12x40mm with adjustable parallax (PA).
100 yds
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100 yds
4-12X40mm10yds-Infinity32'-11'3.5-3.25"1/4"1"13.25"18 oz

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