Angora Wool Socks keep feet warmer and drier.
Angora Wool Socks from Show Rabbits are Warmer and More Comfortable than Sheep Wool.

Nordic Extreme Angora SocksOriginal Angora Wool Socks
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Original Angora Wool Socks

Warmer and More Comfortable Than Sheep Wool!

Angora Wool Socks in Twist 2-Tone Color
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Angora wool is the soft and cuddly fir that is shorn (shaved) from show rabbits. It is the lightest natural fiber known to man! And because the fibers are hollow, Angora wool is 8 times warmer than sheep wool. It has superior breathing and "wicking" properties as well... wicks moisture away from the skin to maintain its insulating properties.
 The smooth Angora fiber is comfortable to wear next to the skin, but can actually be TOO WARM, unless it is properly blended with another fiber. So, our Angora Wool socks are made of a special blend of Angora rabbit and premium Merino sheep wool. The resulting feel, warmth, and wicking make them surprisingly comfortable for daily
wear as well as outdoor activities! Warm, dry feet with comfortable socks!
These socks are knit locally right here in Alexandria on special sock knitting machines. They come in Men's Large shoe size (9-12), Medium shoe size (6-9), and X-Large shoe size 13-15 with your choice of Twisted 2-Tone or Gray Heathercolors. (Note: Women's size 6½-10 shoe fits the 6-9 sock. Women's size 10½-12 shoe fits the 9-12 sock). They can be conveniently machine washed and dried on cool cycles. Don't let another day go by without giving your feet the gift of Angora comfort... Order Today!

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ORDER 812-801 Angora Socks Twist sz 6-9 (pair)
ORDER 812-803 Angora Socks Twist sz 9-12 (pair)
ORDER 812-805 Angora Socks Twist sz 13-15 (pair)
ORDER 812-800 Angora Socks Gray sz 6-9 (pair)
ORDER 812-802 Angora Socks Gray sz 9-12 (pair)
ORDER 812-804 Angora Socks Gray sz 13-15 (pair)

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