Brockman Muzzle Brakes
Brockman's Muzzle Brake - The Brockman B.E.S.T muzzle brake that opens and closes its ports to control noise.

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Brockman Muzzle Brake

Brockman brake openBrockman Brake closed
The Brockman Muzzle Brake - Left: Ports Open, Right: Ports Closed

Available Installed with BLUE FINISH or FRENCH GRAY (F.Gray Pictured Above)

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Noise Control - "Will it hurt my ears when I'm hunting?". All muzzle brakes re-route gas and sound to the sides rather than forward... which makes them all louder than shooting a gun with no muzzle brake. The Brockman Brake has the option of opening and closing the gas ports... Essentially turning the brake on or off without removing it. You can open the ports and enjoy the recoil reduction while working up loads, sighting in, and practicing. Then, just close the ports if you want to go hunting with normal muzzle noise*. Same accuracy, same sight zero.
Locked-In Precision - Muzzle Brakes are not like flash suppressors that can be just screwed on and off. Accuracy and recoil reduction require that they have very close and even clearance with the bullet (measured in thousandths). The Brockman Brake is precision threaded and rigidly installed with 11º target crown on center with the bore. Only the outer sleeve moves to open and close ports.
ORDER 013-001 Brockman Brake Blue Installed
ORDER 013-002 Brockman Brake F.Gray Installed

Send in Your Rifle or Barrel and We'll Install the Brake
Shoot Better with Less Recoil - Pendulum tested to reduce recoil by up to 47%, the Brockman Brake will make any rifle easier to shoot well. You'll shoot better from a rest when your rifle stops jumping around on the bags and you concentrate. You'll shoot better off-hand when you practice with the brake and stop flinching and jerking the trigger.
Physical Requirements - Calibers from .224 to .338, minimum muzzle diameter of .730". Maximum .875". The brake itself is .875" in diameter and our installation bevels at the rear to transition nicely to your barrel diameter.
Genuine patented Brockman B.E.S.T Muzzle Brake manufactured by E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc. under license from Jim Brockman's Custom Gunsmithing. Qualified FFL Gunsmith Dealer Inquiries are welcome.

Our Precision Installation Process

Our selection of muzzle brakes represents the the traditional as well as the exotic but always with the emphasis on accuracy, functionality, and value. When accuracy is a priority, installation requires proper centering and alignment. And, even though the crown of the barrel is out of sight at the rear of the brake, it is extremely critical to the accuracy of the firearm after the installation.Note: This is a custom machining and Gunsmithing service that we do in batches to keep the cost down... delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks.
On-Center Threaded Brakes - Our muzzle brakes are all threaded on-center with the bore. This assures that the exit hole is aligned with the bullet path and that ignition gases affect the bullet equally on all sides... which is the best condition for accuracy. There is no slop in our threads... this is a thread-to-fit process for best alignment.
C-T-C 11 Target Crown - After the muzzle is threaded and before the brake is installed, we cut the crown. Our crowning system aligns the muzzle and the chamber between centers (C-T-C) to assure that a perfect crown is cut. This crown is inspected with a loupe to be sure it is perfect before the muzzle brake is installed.
No-Stress Mounting - Our muzzle brake threads are snug with no wobble... again to assure alignment and accuracy. Beyond this, we install them with a zero-torque method to be sure no stress is introduced into the barrel.
Ordering Custom Shop Work On-Line - Our shopping cart system allows you to completely enter an order, get the total price calculated, and submit it to us prior to sending in your gun for the work to be done. In the payment section of entering the order, you can confirm that you'll be sending the payment (with your gun) separately. We'll hold the complete order with all of the details exactly as you entered them... ready for when your gun arrives for the work!

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