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Handgun Metallic Silhouette Sights for IHMSA and NRA Silhouette Shooters

...Fit TC Contender, G2, and BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistols

ScopeRib Sights Are Back!

New ScopeRib III is Even Better...

  Based on our original ScopeRib I design, the ScopeRib III system incorporates a precision 1/2 MOA adjustable rear sight with our KeyLock scope base to allow use of a scope sights without disturbing your precision iron sights. ►More...

ScopeRib III Silhouette Sight for IHMSA ScopeRib III NRA Silhouette Sights

Click Info/Order for Details, Price, and Options of the New ScopeRib III Sight System

And Now... Here's a little History of the ScopeRib Sight System:

  The ScopeRib Sight System for Silhouette Shooters evolved along with the design of our BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol. At the 1993 IHMSA Internationals in Oak Ridge, several shooters asked for a Bomar sight. We went home and began working on it. As part of the BF "Ultimate Silhouette" Pistol design, we were originally seeking a way to mount the Bomar sight while giving the maximum allowable sight radius. And extended base was the only solution. Then, incorporating a scope mounting base into the extension seemed like a neat thing to do.  The original idea was before they allowed scopes in competition. We were thinking that a scope could be used for load development and then removed without disturbing the precision sight installation when a shooter took his gun to a competition.
  One of the keys to the success of the ScopeRib Sight System has been selling the sights as a set... Including the right height Bond hooded front sight with the ScopeRib rear sight. This combination of a Bomar rear sight, ScopeRib base, and Bond hooded front sight became tremendously popular on the BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol but even more so when we started selling it for the TC Contender and G2. Sadly, Bomar went out of business recently and we lost the "guts" of this amazing sight system. We had to discontinue the original ScopeRib system.
  But more recently, Champion gun sights came out with an almost identical rear sight. We took the opportunity to upgrade the ScopeRib base with improvements we'd already made to our TC scope mounts. The result is the ScopeRib III Sight System your see pictured above. So now, we can once again offer these sights as well as built-to-order BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistols. To our thinking, This is a Great Day for Handgun Metallic Silhouette!
The Original ScopeRib™ I Sight System (Click on the pictures below to enlarge) was designed for SRI01.gif (29294 bytes)standard Super 14 Contender barrels or Custom Contender barrels from 12-15" long. The two-piece (rear rib sight and front hood sight) made it perfect for all long barrel installations. And, ScopeRib I extended the sight radius radically, giving longer barreled, Unlimited SRI02.gif (34486 bytes)Class shooters a distinct advantage. These sights featured Bomar rear units, adjustable for windage and elevation (approxi- mately " per click). You could order the sight notch cut to .032, .040, .062, .080, or .100" width to suit your eyes. The front sight featured a 1 inch diameter hood to eliminate glare, reflection, and shadow. The front sight post would adjust up and down plus you could adjust the width to give just the right sight picture (See photo lower right of SRI03.gif (8888 bytes)front sight without hood). You could order the accessory ScopeRib See-Thru Rings and you mount a scope directly to the rib. The ScopeRib I installed in your existing front and rear sight holes... you could do it yourself with no drilling and tapping necessary. Or, you could send in your 12-15" barrel and we'd install the ScopeRib I for you at no additional charge. That Was Then... This is Now: The New ScopeRib III has all of that PLUS our advances in the scope base. ►More Information...

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