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Gen II Ruger 10/22 Stripper Clip Magazines - 45 Round Capacity

  It's called the Gen II HC3R 10/22 Magazine and it stands for High Capacity Ruger Rapid Reload. The most noticeable difference between this and other 10/22 Mags is the integral stripper clip style reloading feature:
  The active ammo column is actually a removable "Rib Clip". When it's empty, it detaches and quickly reloads by sliding over the rims of of 20 additional rounds that are held in a side "Ammo Pocket". It re-installs just as quickly back into the magazine... Giving an effective 45 Round mag capacity. The YouTube video below makes it very clear.

Main features of the Gen II HC3R 10/22 Mag:

  - Assembled with Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts
  - High Impact Resin Body (Disasmbles for Cleaning)
  - New! Improved Stainless Feed Lips
  - Re-Alignable Single Stack... Gives Reliable Feed
  - New! Improved Gen II Thumb Assist Knob.
  - 25 + 20 Rnd Capacity (with Stripper Ammo Pocket)
  - Removable Rib Clip Reloads from Stripper Pocket
  - New! Toggle Release on Gen II Strippers!

Ordering HC3R Mags and Accessories

Info/Order HC3R 10/22 Magazine Gen II
(This Package Includes Mag plus two Stripper Clips)
Info/Order 5-Pack Gen II Stripper Clips
(Includes 5 Gen II Stripper Clips with Caps)
Info/Order Stripper Clip Speed Loader
(Aligns 5 rows of 20 rounds for easy stripper clip loading)
Info/Order Gen II HC3R Boxed Tactical KIT
Info/Order Gen II HC3R Tactical PACK

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