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Merit Adjustable Eyeglass Aperture for Shooting
Merit Eyeglass Aperture
Merit Adjustable Aperture for Eye Glasses 
Merit Adjustable Eyeglass Aperture
Merit Adjustable Aperture for Eyeglasses
  How They Work: The Merit Optical Attachment sticks securely to your eyeglasses (or shooting glasses) with a small suction cup. Your aiming eye looks through the hole.
  The human eye, whether or not prescription glasses are required, cannot focus on both sights and the target at the same time. The eye will constantly shift focus from the sights to the target trying to ensure proper alignment. Unfortunately, as we age, the eye loses the flexibility which allows it to do this; thus, sights and target begin to grow fuzzy.
  There is a simple way to combat this by increasing your eyes' depth of field (range of focus). If you look through an aperture
 or pinhole of the correct size, you will be able to see both sights clearly, and the target will be clearly defined as well. It was utilizing the principle of a pinhole that allowed the original box camera to work without a lens, and its pictures were in clear focus from about 2 feet out to infinity.
  Merit apertures are adjustable, allowing the shooter to change the setting based upon the lighting conditions and the range of the target. Our apertures are all iris shutter style; you simply turn the front clockwise to close it down and counter clockwise to open it up, and your point of impact will not change.
Order 110-010 Merit Adjustable Eyeglass Aperture $84.95

merit01.gif (127855 bytes)Merit Eyeglass ApertureMerit Sight Focusers - 

Apertures that tune depth of field, clearing 
up sights and target for pinpoint aiming accuracy. 
"Open" or "Iron" sights can be nearly as accurate as telescopic sights... if you can see merit adjustable aperturethem clearly. The 5-Shot group on the Turkey silhouette to the left (click to enlarge) was shot at 150 yards over iron sights. The shooter used a Merit Sight Focuser attached to his shooting glasses and dialed in the depth of field that gave merit sight picturehim the clearest sight picture. The the results speak for themselves. How Does it Work? Exactly like a camera aperture or the pupil of your eye. Using no lens, the Merit adjusts the size of its hole or aperture you're looking through, changing the amount of light admitted to lengthen or shorten the depth of field. You can actually see your sight picture sharpen up as you turn the adjustment ring. With practice you will be able to aim more and more precisely... It's amazing!
Order 110-010 Merit Adjustable Eyeglass Aperture $84.95
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