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LHR Redemption Muzzleloader Rifle - The Advanced Muzzle Loading Rifle Thompson Center Arms Should Have Made!

LHR Redemption is now Thompson Center "Strike"
Essentially the same gun, now manufactured by Thompson Center Arms. We are currently supplying these only by
pre-paid special order. Please call for the current price and so that we can confirm availability from
Thompson Center and the expected time it will take  to deliver your order. Order Toll Free 800-950-9088.

The Most Accuracy Enhanced Muzzle Loader Ever Invented...

LHR Redemption Muzzle Loader Rifle

What's So Good About the LHR Redemption?

&  - A Perfect Crown with No EZ Load Counterbore - Muzzleloading accuracy experts agree,
    "No Counterbore", just a perfect, concentric crown is best for muzzleloader accuracy.
  - Rifled End-To-End - No interruption to the integrity of the rifled bore... Best for accuracy.
  - Green Mountain Cloverleaf Barrels - Proven Most Accurate in Hunting and Competition.
  - Propellant Specific Ignition - Use the optimum breech plug for loose powder or pellets.
  - FT2 Match Trigger - A crisp, consistent, and light trigger pull is mandatory for best accuracy.
  - Oversized Trigger Guard - Plenty of trigger room even when wearing gloves and freezing!
  - Forward Thrusting Barrel Lock - Opens like a fine double rifle. Locks up solid for accuracy.
  - Silent, Sliding Cocker - Cocks the striker without scaring game. Push Button De-Cocker.
  - Armornite - A "zero surface area" coating inside and out... On/In the barrel, receiver, and all
     metal parts. Impregnates, lubricates, and protects from corrosion better than stainless steel.
LHR Redemption Muzzleloader Accuracy


Thy Name is Redemption!

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Redemption Muzzleloader 209x50 w/Sights Walnut Discontinued
Redemption Muzzleloader 209x50 w/Sights Camo Composite Discontinued
Redemption Muzzleloader 209x50 w/Sights Black Composite Discontinued

LHR Redemption Features
Comments by Eben Brown
  It's an amazing story... A successful business (Thompson Center Arms), purchased by Smith & Wesson, dismantled and moved from its home in Rochester NH. Four key executives choose to stay in Rochester and start up their own business. Their massive experience in gun design, produc-
tion, and muzzleloading is now unleashed as... LHR Sporting Arms, Inc.
  Sensible Innovation - The LHR Redemption has so many sensible as well as innovative features. For instance, hardcore muzzleloading accura-
cy buffs have always favored a concentric accuracy crown at the muzzle face. But, marketing departments favored the counter bore for "easier loading". Well, muzzle loading rifles are NOT difficult to load with a proper accuracy crown. So LHR dispensed with the "counterbore" marketing gimmick and put a perfect muzzleloading accuracy crown on the muzzle of the Redemption barrel... Everything must contribute to accuracy.
  This type of shooting and hunting sense can be seen throughout the list of Redemption features (above left). Accuracy is the first priority. After that, convenience and practicality are added in ways that compliment accuracy.

   "ADAPT" Propellant Specific Ignition - Whether you hunt loose powder, pellets or Blackhorn 209, the Redemption "ADAPT" Breech Plug System can be optimized for YOUR best accuracy. The rifle comes with a universal breech plug but you can upgrade to a loose powder specific concaved breech face or a pellet specific flat breech face. The unthreaded breech plug slips into the rifling at the breech. It seals with an O-Ring and an externally threaded breech cap that you finger tighten.
LHR Redemption Breech Plug LHR Redemption Breech Cap LHR Redemption Rifle Brech Plug Installation