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A Flat Rate $10 Shipping Charge for Bullet Orders!*

* $10 Bullets Only Shipping Terms: A USPS promotional FLAT CHARGE of $10 per shipment for bullets only orders. Maximum 15 lbs mix and match per shipment. Out-of-stock and partially out-of-stock orders will be back-ordered, held, and shipped all together in one shipment as soon as we are re-stocked. (Back Orders aren't charged until they ship and split ship of partial back orders is available at $10/Shipment). More details below... Please Scroll Down...
When You Check Out, Select "$10 Bullets Only Shipping" to get the $10 Flat Rate.
Berger Bullets at $10 Flat Rate Shipping
Berger Bullets $10 Shipping
Lowest Internet Prices on
Berger Varmint, Hunting,
and Match Target Bullets!
Lapua Bullets at 8$ Flat Rate Shipping
Lapua Bullets $10 Shipping
Lowest Prices and Best
Delivery on Scenar Match
Grade Rifle Bullets
Swift Bullets at $10 Flat Rate Shipping
Swift Bullets $10 Shipping
Bonded Core Terminal Performance and Accuracy with Scirocco and A-Frame
Barnes TSX Bullets at Low Prices
Barnes Bullets $10 Shipping
Varmint Grenades
Triple Shock Bullets
Tipped TSX Bullets
Hornady Bullets at $10 Flat Rate Shipping
Hornady Bullets $10 Shipping
Nosler Bullets with $10 Flat Rate Shipping
Nosler Bullets $10 Shipping
Hornady SST SabotsBulletsTC Maxiball Conical Bullets
Muzzleloader $10 Shipping
Air Gun Pellets $10 Shipping

Mix and Match Up to 15 lbs of Bullets for One $10 Shipping Charge!

 We've been running the numbers on the various new US Postal Service (USPS) shipping methods and we think we can ship up to 15 lbs of bullets for only $10. As you know, bullets are heavy and shipping charges for traditional methods (UPS, etc.) are usually expensive.  This $10 Flat Rate is for a single shipment of up to 15 lbs of bullets, packed in a single container for shipping via USPS. Mix and match bullet brands and types. The shipping charge will be $10 whether you order 2 boxes, 5 boxes, 7 boxes or more (up to 15 lbs). This is a promotional shipping rate that may end without warning... So, Order Your Bullets Today!
  Bullets Only - This special shipping rate does not apply to loaded ammo, reloading brass, or any orders that include non-bullet items. Non-bullet orders ship via standard shipping charges (unless otherwise specified).

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E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc,  CONTACT US , 4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332
ph. 320-834-3000, FAX 320-834-3002 , Orders Only Toll Free 1-800-950-9088