Swift Bullets Company, A-Frame and Scirocco Bonded Hunting Bullets.

Swift Bullets Company A-Frame and Scirocco bonded hunting bullets, the ultimate in accuracy
and terminal performance with expansion and weight retention over wide range of velocities.

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A-Frame and Scirocco Bonded Core Hunting Bullets

Swift Scirocco Bonded Core Polymer Tip
Long Range Accuracy and Big Game Reliability at All Distances

  Core bonding is a flux welded fusion of the bullet jacket to the lead core so that they won't peel apart. The core mushrooms and smears back right along with the jacket and gives the bullet high weight retention so that it penetrates deeply. The Swift Scirocco takes this concept further with a special jacket design that's thick at the base and thinner at the bullet tip. This makes the bullet expand over a wide range of velocities from 1,440 fps to 2700+ fps. The design is capped off with a high ballistic coefficient and polymer tip to give the Scirocco flat shooting long range accuracy comparable to match grade target bullets.
  * Sciroccos hit where you aim, expand and penetrate reliably! *
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Sold in boxes of 100 bullets, AVAILABLE NOW!

ORDER 105-2201 Scirocco .224 - 75gr. (100) $47
ORDER 105-2401 Scirocco 6mm/.243-90gr. (100) $52
ORDER 105-2601 Scirocco 6.5mm/.264-130gr. (100) $53
ORDER 105-2701 Scirocco 270 Cal/.277-130gr. (100) $56
ORDER 105-2801 Scirocco 7mm/.284-150gr. (100) $56
ORDER 105-3001 Scirocco 30 cal/.308 150gr. (100) $59
ORDER 105-3002 Scirocco 30 cal/165gr. (100) $59
ORDER 105-3003 Scirocco 30 cal/180gr. (100) $59
ORDER 105-3301 Scirocco 338 cal/.338-210gr. (100) $63



Scirocco Handloading Tips
Use load data from established reloading manuals for similar weight bullets and work up from recommended starting loads, the Sierra Ballistic Software below is also excellent.

ORDER 220-0701
Sierra Infinity Seven Ballistic Software $36

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Swift A-Frame Bonded Core Elk Hunting Bullet
Convert Any Deer Rifle to an Elk Rifle with these Tougher Bullets

  Core Bonding is only part of the design of this bullet. The "A-Frame" concept encases the rear core of the bullet completely so it will stay together and expand very little... if it expands at all. This section works like an African "Solid" style bullet... penetrating tough skin, bone, cartilage, etc. The front section is a core bonded soft point that stays together but mushrooms for greater tissue damage. The combination of expansion and deep penetration makes this bullet a favorite for elk, moose, and wild boar as well as dangerous game like grizzly, kodiak, or African cats. Extremely uniform and consistent, these Swift A-Frames are accurate shooting and hard hitting. The selections below are bullets with high sectional density at weights that shoot well in common guns.
Sold in Boxes of 50 Bullets, Available Now!

ORDER 105-2511 A-Frame 25 cal/.257-120gr. (50) $50
ORDER 105-2611 A-Frame 6.5mm/.264-140gr. (50) $51
ORDER 105-2711 A-Frame 270 cal/.277-150gr. (50) $51
ORDER 105-2811 A-Frame 7mm/.284-160gr. (50) $51
ORDER 105-3011 A-Frame 30 cal/.308-180gr. (50) $53
ORDER 105-3311 A-Frame 338 cal/.338-250gr. (50) $56





Swift Loading Manual #1
 Beautifully illustrated with over 400 pages of loading information and data specially suited to hunting... Essential knowledge for A-Frame and Scirocco!

ORDER 105-SM1 Swift Loading Manual $32

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