Rick Hummel and the Model 97D Rifle

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Rick and the 97D Rifle
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Rick Hummel Hunting Hogs with his Model 97D Rifle

  Eben, here's a hog taken with 300 BRM. 165 grain Nosler partition, 37 grains N-140. Again, thanks Eben for a great rifle. - Rick Hummel
Five Shot 97D Rifle Group  Hi Eben, Just got my new catalog and wanted to thank you for using my picture. Rifle is still performing perfectly. It took 6 deer, 4 hogs and 2 turkeys last season all one shot kills 2 out to 200 yards (one 8 point and a doe at that distance) no problem. Please update my new email address as I have canceled my EarthLink account.
  Business seems to be going well for you and am glad to see it. The products you offer are high quality but more important good value. Keep up the good work.
  -Rick Hummel

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