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Savage Accuracy Barrel Kits by E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc.

Savage Rifle Barrel Kits by E. Arthur Brown Company
"This is my second barrel from you all and just like the first is a great shooter.
I did the break-in as you suggested and this barrel is shooting .30 inch groups
with my first reloads. Keep up the good work and great prices.
" - H.P

Savage Rifle Accuracy Barrel Kits by EABCO

Includes Barrel Nut Wrench and USP Bench Rest Cleaning Kit

  It's easy to upgrade your standard Savage model 10/110 series bolt action rifle to an EABCO Accuracy Barrel... That's because we already have the barrels made up and ready to install... Do it yourself or send in your rifle and we'll install your barrel for a fair installation price: $30 plus another $35 if you need your forend re-channeled.
  General Barrel Information - Our Accuracy Barrels for the Savage fit the standard model 10/110* series bolt actions (no WSMs, Target Actions, nor Axis). The barrel contour is varmint hunter weight, 26" long and tapering to just under .800" at the muzzle. These are chromoly steel barrels finish to match the factory blue receiver.
   Precision Barrel Blanks - An EABCO barrel blank is precision gun drilled from the best Chromoly steel alloys. Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within .0002 (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements.
  One-at-a-Time Barrel Making - True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore. True, center-to-center 11░ target crown, applied after finishing, insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure.
  Special Accuracy Barrels (See More Detail Below) - Our .223 Remington is set up with 1:12 twist to give best accuracy with varmint bullets from 40-55 gr weight. Our .243 Win is a 1:8 twist so it will shoot off-the-shelf 100 gr ammo with superb accuracy. Same with our 6mm BR... 1:8 twist and throated for 100-105 gr. long distance bullets. 260 Remington shoots a 6.5mm bullet. Our barrels have a 1:8 twist for the most popular 140 gr bullets. And finally, our 308 Win barrel has a 1:12 twist... which is the preferred twist rate of match shooters and their favorite 150-155gr bullets.
  *10/110 series includes 11/111, 12/112, 14/114, 16/116 actions.
  Our barrels do NOT fit the WSM actions, Target Rifle actions. For Edge/Axis barrel fitting information, please scroll down for a detailed explanation.
Info/Order 127-SV17R  EABCO Savage 17 Rem Fireball 1:9 Barrel
Info/Order 127-SV204  EABCO Savage 204 Ruger 1:12 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV223 EABCO Savage .223 Rem 1:12 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV22250 EABCO Savage .22-250 Rem 1:12 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV6BR EABCO Savage 6mm BR Norma 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV242 EABCO Savage 6mm Creedmoor 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV243 EABCO Savage .243 Win 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV267  EABCO Savage 6.5X47 Lapua 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV262  EABCO Savage 6.5 Creedmoor 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV260  EABCO Savage 260 Rem 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV265 EABCO Savage 6.5x55 Swede 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV261  EABCO Savage 6.5-284 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV269  EABCO Savage 26 Nosler 1:8 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV308  EABCO Savage 308 Win 1:12 Barrel 
Info/Order 127-SV450  EABCO Savage 450 Marlin 1:14 Barrel 

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 Info/Order 6.5mm T-Shirt $20
6.5 mm T-Shirt
The 6BR barrel I purchased from EABCO is scary accurate. I've shot 2 clean match's with LOT'S of X's. A 3 round group first time shooting 1000 yards was 7/8". Thank you EABCO! - Daniel
I just finished the last two NRA mid range shoots of the season using your 6.5x284 EABCO accuracy barrel and wow I'm impressed. This barrel gave me some of the best scores I've shot to date and is heads above some more expensive barrels I have. Whatever you folks are doing keep it up because for the money you just can't beat these barrels. Fit and finish were excellent, and the chamber is tight making for some exceptional performance at extreme ranges. Will be buying a 6mm BR for mid range soon to complement my 6.5x284 1000 yard rifle. A+++ all the way! Thanks EABCO... - Scott
Edge/Axis Fitting Information - Original Savage "Edge" Rifles were renamed "Axis". Receiver barrel threads on these rifles are sometimes a little too small to fit our close fitting EABCO 10/110 Accuracy Barrel threads. If you're ordering a barrel for a Savage "Edge" or "Axis" rifle, we recommend you send your rifle in and pay the extra $30 for installation plus $35 to re-channel your forend to fit the barrel contour. Also, you should remember Edge/Axis is otherwise a different receiver than the 10/110 series... It will not fit the same stocks as the 10/110 series rifles, for example.

  General Barrel Information - Our Accuracy Barrels for the Savage fit Savage 10/110* series bolt actions (no WSMs, Target Actions, nor Axis). The barrel contour is varmint hunter weight, 26" long and tapering to just under .800" at the muzzle. Chromoly steel, blue finish.
  17 Remington Fireball: Developed from the 221 Fireball, this 17 caliber version achieves velocities up to 4,000 fps and uses the same bolt face as 223 Rem.
  204 Ruger - We optimize this chambering for the 32 gr bullet to achieve maximum accuracy at the 4000-4200 fps velocities it's capable of shooting. 1:12 is the twist rate we use. 204 works with the 223 bolt face and magazine.
  .223 Remington - The Savage factory .223 barrels are 1:9 twist, which is optimized for heavier bullets like the military ball ammo. Our EABCO .223 is finished in a 1:12 twist... which is the best for accuracy when shooting varmint weight bullets from 40-55grs.
   .243 Winchester - The Savage factory .243 barrels are 1:9.5 twist... which is pretty close to the standard 1:10 twist that's common on most .243 rifles. This twist isn't quite fast enough for bullet weights of 100 grs or more... including the most common over-the-counter .243 ammunition. We do our .243 barrels with a 1:8 twist to give the best accuracy potential for bullets of 100 gr. or more.
  6mm BR Norma - The original 6mm BR was THE Benchrest favorite until 6mm PPC came along. But now, Benchrest competitions are going to longer distances, and there is a resurgence in popularity of the 6mm BR in a new version called the 6mm BR Norma. This is a chamber that's throated for 100-105 gr. match bullets. Our 6mm BR barrels are throated for these long, heavy bullets and done in a 1:8 rifling twist especially to suit 100-105 gr bullets.
6.5mm Chamberings (above right)
  We're big fans of 6.5mm cartridges here at EABCO... 6.5mm is .264 cal... superbly accurate and deadly!
    6.5x47 Lapua - This exceptional 6.5mm cartridge won the 2007 NBRSA Nationals and set records doing it. Similar to 260 Remington only with a sharper 30 degree shoulder and small rifle primer pocket... As preferred by Benchrest competitors. Fits 308 bolt face dimensions.
  6.5mm Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creed-moor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is designed for efficien-cy and function. Its shape reaches high velocities while maintaining standard 308 win pressures and its overall length fits well with 308 win length magazines.
 260 Remington - The 260 is actually a .264 caliber or 6.5mm bullet on a 308 case. Essentially a modern, more efficient take-off from the 6.5 X55 Swedish Mauser. We do our 260 barrels with a 1:8 twist which is optimum for the popular 140gr 6.5mm bullets (same sectional density as a 190 gr 30 caliber). Fits 308 bolt face dimensions.
  6.5x55 Swedish Mauser - This is the original 6.5mm that launched the popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in general. Mild recoil, consistent accuracy, and deadly performance on game. Its still all that but now has readily available loaded ammo and brass available in many brands. Offered here because of your numerous requests!
  6.5mm-284 - This is a long distance benchrest cartridge... very popular among 1,000 yard shooters. It incorporates the short-fat cartridge characteristics of 6mm PPC and 6mm BR into the near perfect 6.5mm bullet and bore dimension. The 6.5mm caliber has naturally extreme ballistics coefficients and the 6.5-284 case capacity achieves superior trajectories without magnum recoil.
  308 Winchester - The Savage factory 308 barrels have a 1:10 twist. The most popular bullet for Benchrest competitors is the 155 gr which shoots best in a 1:12 twist. So, we do our Savage barrels in the 1:12 twist the Benchrest shooters prefer. Fits 308 bolt face dimensions.

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Comparing 6.5mm Cartridges

A Visual Comparison Provided by,
Scroll Down for a Brief Description of Each Chambering.

6.5 mm Cartridges Comparison
Custom 6.5mm Savage Barrels Custom 6.5mm TC Encore and Contender Barrels Custom 6.5mm 97d Rifles

A Quick Comparison of Popular 6.5mm Rifle Cartridges

- by Eben Brown (E. Arthur Brown Co. Inc)
  The current popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in the USA has been a long time in coming. I won't go into my opinions on why it took so long to catch on... The important thing is that it finally HAS caught on and we're now so fortunate to have a wide selection of 6.5mm cartridges to choose from!
  6.5mm Grendel - Developed by Alexander Arms for the AR15 and Military M4 family of rifles. The Grendel fits the dimensional and functional requirements of these rifles while delivering better lethality and downrange performance. There are now similar cartridges from other rifle companies. We chamber for the Les Baer "264 LBC-AR". Designed for velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 123 gr bullets, it shoots the 140 gr at about 2000 fps (for comparison purposes).
  6.5mm BRM - Developed by E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc to give "Big Game Performance to Small Framed Rifles"... Namely our Model 97D Rifle, TC Contender, and TC Encore. Velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 140 gr bullets puts it just under the original 6.5x55 Swede performance.
  6.5mm x 47 Lapua - Developed by Lapua specifically for long range bench rest shooting competitions. Case capa-city, body taper, shoulder angle, and small rifle primer are all features requested by top international shooters. You can expect velocities of 2500-2600+ with 140 gr bullets.
  6.5mm Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creed-moor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is designed for effic-iency and function. Its shape reaches high velocities while maintaining standard 308 win pressures and its overall length fits well with 308 win length magazines. You can expect velocities of 2600-2700+ fps with 140 gr bullets.
  260 Remington - Developed by Remington to compete with the 6.5mmx55 Swedish Mauser  that was (finally) gaining popularity in 1996. By necking down the 7mm-08 Remington to 6.5mm (.264 cal), the 260 Remington was created. It fit the same short action bolt actions that fit 308 win, 243 win, 7-08 rem, etc. You can expect velocities of 2600-2700 fps with 140 gr bullets in the 260 Remington.
  6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser - The cartridge that started the 6.5mm craze in the USA. Developed by the Mauser corporation back in 1896 (I think), it is famous for having mild recoil, deadly lethality on even the biggest game animals, and superb accuracy potential. Original ballistics were in the 2500 fps range with 140 gr bullets. Nowadays handloaders get 2600-2700+ fps.
  6.5-06 is made by necking down 30-06 down to .264 caliber. Velocities run 2700-2900+ fps w/140 gr bullets.
  6.5mm-284 Norma comes from necking the .284 Win-chester down to .264 caliber. Norma standardized it for commercial ammo sales. The 6.5mm-284 is used extensively for NRA High Power competition at 1,000 yd ranges. Velocities run 3000-3100+ with 140 gr bullets.
  264 Winchester Magnum - Developed by Winchester back in 1959, the 264 Win Mag never really caught on and may have delayed the ultimate acceptance of 6.5mm cartridges by US shooters (in my opinion). Velocities run 3000-3100+ fps with 140 gr bullets.
  26 Nosler - Non-belted magnum introduced in 2014 by Nosler Bullet Company. Velocities run 3200-3300+ fps with 140 gr bullets. Bullets, brass, and factory loaded ammunition are available now.

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