About Us


What began as a small in-home business has grown into a multi-million dollar corporation and a

40 year legacy in the hunting and shooting industry...

The Beginning

Eben and Jill Brown have worked side by side in their business for forty years. They both began in the corporate world, when Eben realized the opportunity to start a home business. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he began selling computers and parts. After a few years in the industry it was clear, shelf life of computer products was very short. He began thinking of other ideas.

During this period, Eben spent time shooting in IHMSA Silhouette competitions, as well as hunting. As an avid outdoorsman, Eben learned the skills for reloading and creating more accurate loads. It didn’t take long for Eben to realize this passion could turn into much more. He researched an opportunity to purchase the rights to the BF Arms pistols and, with Jill by his side, launched their business into the hunting and shooting realm.

"Commit your plans to the Lord, and he will make your path straight"

- Proverbs 16:3

Award-Winning Accuracy

By 1997, The EABCO BF pistol quickly began winning records in IHMSA Internationals, IHMSA Australian Nationals and so many more. By 2001, EABCO pistols took the sweep at the IHMSA World Championships; eight out of the top 10 competitors were shooting pistols made by E. Arthur Brown Company!

Eben quickly discovered that he could not run the business and also do the actual production, so he hired current VP, Royce. Together, they developed the 97D Rifle based on the BF falling block frame, and superb accuracy. They produced the 97D rifle for many years, each hand crafted and tested to stand up to the EABCO reputation.

By 1999, Eben and Jill began on a path of transforming the business into a corporation. They issued a public stock offering and sold company shares, resulting in over 150 investors and a corporation.

Over the years, Eben and Jill’s children all took their turn working in the business. Emily, their daughter rejoined the company in 2008. Emily’s education in business and economics served the company well as she worked in investor relations, marketing and the website side of the business. In the same year, EABCO moved to its current location, with more capacity for growth.

EABCO expanded their team, expanded into new markets, increased production and built upon their reputation for accuracy, precision, with a team of vast industry knowledge. Eben and Jill led by their convictions, and faith, and always referred back to Proverbs 16:3, “Commit your plans to the Lord, and he will make your path straight”. They created an atmosphere of respect, trust and family, everyone had a voice. They often accidentally referred to their team of adult professionals as “the kids”.

EABCO base for Ruger 10/22

EABCO Accuracy Barrels Expand

EABCO Accuracy barrel lines continued to expand under the watchful eye of current VP of Production, Royce. Branching into new gun models, EABCO not only produces barrels for TC Encore Pro Hunter, TC Contender G2, but also Savage, Remington, AR15, Ruger 1022 and the newest addition.. CZ457 Accuracy Barrels.

EABCO produces scope bases and premium parts like locking bolts, barrel nuts and so much more. Strong strategic partnerships with many other manufacturers, allows them to provide customers with more selection: other barrel brands, stocks, triggers and so many other items to improve their builds and their accuracy.

Expanding internationally, EABCO has broadened product lines even further to meet the needs of customers around the world.

The Next Generation

In 2022, Eben moved into the Chairman of the Board role, and named Emily the President of E. Arthur Brown Company.

EABCO continues making significant strides in growing the EABCO brand. Striving to keep the “small business” family feel for the EABCO team, and also expand opportunities for them to grow their careers with the company is a paramount goal.

“I feel very blessed to lead this team of knowledgeable and hard working people, and I pray that God give me the wisdom to do a good job for them, for our great customers and shareholders.”

For 40 years, E. Arthur Brown Company has helped hunters and shooters improve the accuracy of their firearms by offering premium barrels and products.
Our foundation is based on the integrity and skill of our team, and our passion to see our customers reach their full potential.