Free Tech Reports

Our collection of Free Tech Reports for shooters goes way back to the beginning of the internet. The easiest way to keep them available has been to convert them to PDF files. The information and data is mostly still relevent but the links don't work. These articles were originally created to help our customers succeed in the Shooting Sports and we hope you will find them helpful... Or at least interesting! - Best Regards, Emily Amborn, president

Cartridge Overall Length

Advanced Copper Removal

Accuracy Trouble Shooting

Headspace Gauges Explained

Mildot Instructions for Beginners

How to Choose A Riflescope

How to Shoot Well

The BRM Cartridges

Reloading with Sabots

Trajectory, Meat Damage, and Knock Down

Trim Length Considerations

Reloading for Accuracy

Long Jump Bullet Seating by Berger

Long Jump Bullet Seating by Roger Brown

6.5 BRM Load Testing

700 Yd Milk Jug Shoot

Hunting Bullets that Work

Selected Reloading Data

6mm PPC for Single Shots

Barrel Break-In Procedures

Choosing an Accurate Cartridge

Twist Rates for Rifle Barrels

Burn Rates of Gun Powder

TC Custom Shop Engraved Frames

22-250 in the TC Encore Pro Hunter

6.5mm Cartridges Compared

Binoculars - How to Choose the Best

Ruger 10/22 Barrel Installation

6.5 BRM Loaded Ammo Chart

Muzzleloader Accuracy #1

Muzzleloader Accuracy #2

Muzzleloader Accuracy #3

Muzzleloader Cleaning