Sept. 26, 2023

New EABCO Website is Progressing Nicely...

Customers may have noticed the new E. Arthur Brown Company website but what you may only suspect is that it is evolving everyday in both design and function. A lot has been by trial and error so you may have noticed the menus and filters may have been different from one visit to the next. The goal is to make it easy, fun, and informative to shop here. Some of the new ideas have worked wonderfully. Others we've tried and they didn't work as we hoped... So we've tried something else.

In the last several weeks, it has started to come together and customers are finding what they're looking for easier and faster. The biggest breakthrough was our "Shop by Model" menu... That one works so well that it's easy to just use that and forget about the rest. But don't forget the SEARCH BOX... Just type in what you're looking for and it should come up in the search. We've been updating each and every item so that it responds to the most likely words you might search for.

These are just a few details of what we've been working on behind the scenes. Will it ever be finished and perfect? That'ds probably impossible. SO DON'T FORGET OUR TOLL FREE 800-950-9088 phone number. If you need help... CALL!