The following are video video productions from E. Arthur Brown Company that cover a wide range of subjects. Some of these are pretty old and grainy but they're still fun to watch. Others are handy How-To and Demonstration videos.They presented in order from oldest to newest. Enjoy!

97D Falling Block Rifle Tour

Prairie Dog Hunting with the 97D

700 Yard Milk Jug Shoot

Muzzle Brakes from EABCO

Baby Aspirin Shoot w/17HMR

Dancing Aspiring w/6.5 BRM

Redding Imperial Dry Neck Lube

Shooting a Deer Decoy at 400 yds

Eb's Simplified Reloading Method

Lightnin' Grip Magazine Loader #1

97D Rifle Demonstration

Ruger Mark IV Trigger Gold Standard

Midwest Industries 10/22 Chassis

Lightnin' Grip Magazine Loader #2

Ultimate Clip Loader Demo

Zero Stress Barrel Marking w/Laser