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A Brief History: How EABCO Was Capitalized

E. Arthur Brown Company started as a sole proprietorship and began its firearms related business in 1989 with a reloading product called "The Lee 1000 Tune-up Kit". We followed that with an adjustable charge bar for Lee powder measures and began to expand our mail order business with unique hunting and shooting accessories. In 1990, we got involved with handgun metallic silhouette competition and bought the BF Pistol design from BF Arms. We refined the design as well as the manufacturing techniques to make it and campaigned this product into the dominant long range Production pistol among IHMSA competitors (IHMSA - International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association). At the same time, we were introducing our 97D rifle based on the BF action, we had developed a strong business making custom barrels for Thompson Center Contender and Encore, and we were expanding a very successful product line for the Ruger 10/22.

It was clear at this point that we'd taken the business as far as it could go on personal debt. We decided to incorporate and began to sell shares in the company. The first stage in our capitalization was to attract a small number of big investors. Once that was achieved, we did a SCOR offering to attract a large number of small investors (SCOR stands for Small Corporate Offering Registration). The capital raised was used to hire people, purchase machinery, and move to a larger building. Within two years of that, the company began making a profit and supporting its own growth... And that's how we've funded growth ever since.

Since that time we purchased an even larger building in Garfield, MN (our current location), added more machinery, employees, and product lines. We now manufacture accessories and offer custom services for several brands of firearms as well as our own.

With the instability of the public stock exchanges, many investors are looking at privately traded stocks where values are more directly related to company performance and less influenced by international catastrophes and politics.

E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc is owned by private share holders numbering approximately 180. These investors can buy and sell original stock shares either through the EABCO In-House Stock Market or on their own. The company sets the stock price based on annual sales performance and that's the structure in which the In-House Stock Market operates. Outside of this market, shareholders are free to buy and sell to anyone at any price they wish. But the role of the In-House Market is to set a precedent for actual prices being paid, and a basis on which prices are set.

What You Should Know: E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc is not selling shares to raise capital. The company is already capitalized through sales of shares to private investors. The shares of EABCO stock that you can buy are limited to those owned by these private investors. Also, EABCO is not a stock broker. As a service to shareholders, the company set up the In-House Stock Market and acts as a contact point and referral service. We provide our shareholders with the tools (information, forms, etc) for buying and selling their shares and we refer interested investors to them. When stocks are sold, we record the transactions and issue fresh stock certificates to the parties involved. Shareholders receive certified copies of the company financials in the Annual Stockholders Report and are invited to attend the Stockholders Meeting every spring.

How to Proceed: 
Contact Emily Amborn, she can answer your preliminary questions and refer you to private EABCO stockholders who have shares available for sale.

EABCO Investor Relations

Contact: Emily Amborn
4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332
ph. 320-834-3000 *