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Creedmoor Quigley Rifle Sight Package for Sharps Rifles

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Creedmoor Quigley Sights Package - These sights fit modern reproduction Sharps Rifles and include a tang mounted Creedmoor style rear sight and tubular front sight with 12 inserts. The Rear Sight is made by Pedersoli and is screw adjustable for elevation and slip adjustable for windage by simply loosening and tightening the eyepiece. Screw hole spacing on the mounting base is adaptable for most brands of reproduction Sharps rifles and even includes two sets of screws of different thread pitch. The Front Sight is also made by Pedersoli and includes 12 different inserts from crosshairs to posts to peeps and more. This is the long range sight that Quigley pulls from his pocket and attaches to his rifle before making that 900 yard bucket shot. To get the truly world class versions of these, you need to spend several hundred dollars. This package lets you set your Quigley Sharps Rifle up like the movie without breaking your bank. Please note our supplies on this bargain priced Creedmoor sight package are limited... Order Soon! See the whole story of the rifle and movie at on our website at Quigley Rifle!
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