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Oversized Hinge Pins Void All Warranties... Here's Why:

 The center line position and alignment of the TC Encore and Contender barrel hinge is critical to the headspace of the chamber and lockup of the barrel to the frame. When we machine the underlugs for our barrels, they are clamped squarely on an extremely precise CNC Milling Machine. The hinge pin centerline is located to within 10ths of a 1/1000th of an inch. The hole is "peck" drilled at a computer programmed and consistent rate to insure that it does not wander and goes in straight and true. The hole is then CNC machine reamed to final dimension with the centerline at the same location while the part is still clamped squarely on the CNC machine. Each hinge pin hole is checked for tightness and alignment with pin gauges. We are sure that the Thompson Center Arms factory uses a similar if not equally precise system for locating the centerline of this hole, though they produce these in much higher mass quantities than we do. In order to get our barrels to headspace and lock up properly, we had to get our barrel lugs AT LEAST as precise as the TC factory and frankly, we were amazed at how close the TC Factory holds these dimensions. Our lug making system is certainly better than the mass production TC factory, but the factory is certainly better than any hand reamer.
 The bottom line is this: Anybody who thinks they can improve on this level of precision by HAND REAMING the hinge pin holes to fit oversized hinge pins is making a serious and potentially dangerous error. At the least, such modifications may ruin your gun and take away the barrel interchange ability that is part of the reason you bought your TC Encore or Contender in the first place. At the worst, it could affect the barrel to frame lock-up and headspace to a degree that will make your gun dangerous to shoot. Don't be talked into messing around with oversized hinge pins.
  We have instruments that can measure and detect whether the hinge pin hole has been modified to fit oversized hinge pins. There is no doubt about this. If you perform any modification to a barrel or frame it will void all warrantees but this one is especially bad because it is not repairable... barrels and/or frames that have been modified to fit oversized hinge pins may still work okay, but they are not improved over original condition. And if they don't work okay, they are very expensive garbage... not repairable and not replaceable because the warranty is void.

A Proper and SAFE hinge pin upgrade is now available... Click Here for Details.

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