Ruger MK III Speed Strip Kits by Majestic Arms
Ruger MK Speed Strip Kits by Majestic Arms - For Ruger Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III .22 Pistols, Easy Take-Down and More!
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New! Ruger Mark IV Master Grade Accurizer Kits Majestic... Click Here!
Majestic Arms Gold Standard Trigger Ruger Mark IV Race Gun Majestic Arms Master Accurizing Kit
Gold Standard Trigger  |  MKIV Race Gun  |  Master Grade Accurizer Kit

 Ruger MKIV Race Gun - We combined the new Gold Standard trigger and Master Grade MKIV 22/45 accuracy kit from Majestic Arms and achieved the best trigger I've ever felt on a Ruger Pistol. We removed the original rear sight and scope rail. Opting for the low profile JPoint Red Dot sight. Trigger system upgraded to Gold Standard Trigger, Pendulum Sear, Full Mass Hammer. Also removed the magazine disconnect. Finished off with anodized aluminum magazine bases and Hogue wrap around grips. We installed several upgrades: Majestic Arms Gold Standard trigger, Pendulum sear, full mass hammer, and anodized aluminum magazine base pads. Hogue wrap around grips are low profile and add finger grooves for consistent grip each time you grasp. The Majestic Arms Master Grade Kit for Ruger MKIV and MKIV 22/45 features a full mass hammer for reliable ignition and a Pendulum sear for balanced engagement and release. The washer/spacer removes the undesirable magazine disconnect feature from the MKIV. The Majestic Arms "Gold Standard" Trigger for Ruger MKII, MKIII, MKIV, and 22/45 is adjustable for pre-travel, over-travel, and Length of Pull. AND, the oversized plunger face gives smoother trigger spring compression.

Ruger MK Speed Strip Conversion Kits...

Quick and Easy Disassembly of Ruger MK .22 Pistols

  These new Speed Strip conversion kits make disassembly of your Ruger Mk .22 Pistol easy and quick. No more busted fingernails and frustration with the original factory grip lever disassembly process.
  With the Speed Strip Kit installed, disassembly is a simple process to unscrew the bolt stop pin and remove the bolt. The video (right) demon-strates it better than any words we could write in this space.

Three Different Models... Here's How to Choose:

  If you have a Ruger Mk I, MkII, or Mk II 22/45, get the "Original" Kit or the "Mk III 3.2 Upgrade" Kit for improvements in trigger performance.
  If you have a Mk III or Mk III 22/45, you have two choices: The "Basic Mk III" Kit for the Speed Strip conversion. Or, the "Mk III 3.2 Conversion" for Speed Strip conversion with Magazine Disconnect omission. (The Mk III 3.2 Conversion actually works in Mk I and Mk II as well as Mk III pistols. The 3.2 bushing gives improved trigger performance in all three.)

More on the Mk III 3.2 Conversion Kit...

  Ruger Mk III pistols have a politically mandated "Magazine Disconnect" feature that prohibits the gun from firing when the magazine is removed. This feature has some negative affects on the trigger pull and causes the magazine to drag when removed (rather than dropping out freely).
  The Mk III 3.2 Conversion Kit safely omits the magazine disconnect feature from MK III pistols (and installs the Speed Strip capability). This kit will also upgrade a Mk I to a Mk II hammer system and the 3.2 bushing will improve the trigger performance of Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, and both Mk II and Mk III 22/45 pistols.
   Confused? Order the Mk III 3.2 Conversion... It works for everything!

Click Here to Order Directly from EABCO!

 ORDER  Original Speed Strip Kit Mk I & II
 ORDER  Basic Mk III Speed Strip Kit for all Mk III
 ORDER  Mk III 3.2 Conversion for all Mk I, II, and III
 ORDER Master Grade Kit for Mk II and Mk III
 ORDER Master Grade Kit for MKII/MKIII 22/45
 ORDER Extended Bolt Release Mk II and Mk III
 ORDER Extended Magazine Releases Mk I, II, III
 ORDER High Performance Firing Pin I, II, III, 22/45
 ORDER Walnut Target Grips for Mk II, III, 22/45 

3.2 MKIII 22-45Grips

Speed Strip Installation Process - Click Here for the Instruction PDF

Extended Bolt Release for Ruger Mk II and Mk III by Majestic Arms
Extended Bolt Release
Extended Magazine Release for Ruger 22/45 by Majestic Arms
Mag Release 22/45
Magazine Base Pad for Ruger Mk II and Mk III by Majestic Arms
Mag Base Pads | Magazines
Extended Magazine Release for Ruger Mk I and Mk II
Mag Release Mk I & II

More Background Information on Speed Strip Conversion Kits

  Anyone familiar with the Ruger .22 auto pistols knows it is extremely difficult to field strip and reassemble... NOT ANY MORE! Majestic Arms is the manufacturer and patent holder of The Speed Strip Kit for all Ruger .22 Auto Pistols. Now improved, when installed, the Speed Strip Kit also reduces your trigger pull to 3 ½ to 3 ¾ lb. in a factory original Ruger .22 Auto Pistol. (U.S. Patent #5,666,755) The Speed Strip conversion is a simple retrofit kit that enables you to readily convert any Ruger .22 auto pistol in existence to the new system in a matter of minutes. This patented retrofit kit will work on any Ruger .22 auto pistol (Standard, MK I, MK II, MK III, and 22/45). This conversion DOES NOT require any special tools or modifications to the pistol, nor does it interfere with any of its normal functions. Anyone with basic hand tool skills can perform the conversion in about 15 minutes. Each kit comes with 3 pages of easy to understand illustrated instructions (click the PDF above).
  The Speed Strip Kit consists of a new patented 2-piece bolt stop pin and precision machined hammer. Once you have installed your Speed Strip Kit, all you need to do is to unscrew the new bolt stop pin with your Allen key (supplied) and remove it from the top of the pistol. Then you can slide the bolt out for cleaning. It's that simple!
  The newest Speed Strip Kit is called the 3.2 Conversion Kit. This Kit will fit any of the Ruger .22 Auto Pistols and allows MK III owners to safely omit the magazine disconnect feature. This Kit is supplied with a new hammer pivot bushing which as an added benefit will reduce the pre-travel of the trigger by 65%.

Using the Volquartsen Trigger with Your Speed Strip Kit... Comment by Dino Longueira

  Hi Eben, We are often asked the question if the Majestic Arms Speed Strip kit can be used in unison with a Volquartsen sear and hammer kit. The answer is yes with an explanation. When a Speed strip kit is installed in a pistol already equipped with Volquartsen parts the trigger pull with be virtually the same, within a couple of ounces. Volquartsen however has changed the geometry of the parts which causes the hammer to sit taller into the receiver tube than would be normal. The Majestic Arms hammer has a radiused upper corner so the bolt will engage the radius and cam over the hammer upon reinserting the bolt into the receiver tube. When a Volquartsen sear is used the hammer will sit too tall for the bolt to cam over, thereby making it necessary to slide the bolt into the receiver tube until it engages the hammer, at this point you will need to slightly depress the hammer to allow the bolt to be reinstalled into the receiver tube. This is easily accomplished by inserting an implement such as a screwdriver thru the ejection port and depressing the hammer. This is still much simpler than the original method designed by Ruger.
  (With regard to trigger mods other than Volquartsen...) If a gunsmith has done a freestyle trigger job then there are to many wild cards in the deck to formulate a proper answer. I hope this helps you and once again thank you for your business.
Thanks, Dino

Bumper Magazines for Ruger Mk II and III

  Majestic Arms has re-thought the Ruger Mk II and III magazine design and came up with an improved version. First of all, its a Universal magazine... Meaning that it fits BOTH the Ruger Mk II and Mk III pistols... No more getting them mixed up. And second, they all come standard with an extended magazine base pad.
  Magazine Base Pads are common in action pistol shooting because they give more reliable seating of magazines under speed loading situations. But with the Ruger Mk II and Mk III pistols, these magazine base pads are especially nice due to the recessed design of the original Ruger Mk II and Mk III magazine system.

  Twin Pack Includes Free Loader - If you order the Twin Pack you get 2 magazines PLUS a Free loading tool AND... You Save a Bunch of Money!
   ORDER INFO Universal Magazine, Single or Twin Pack... Click Here!
   (Please Note: These mags do NOT fit Mk I or 22/45 pistols)

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