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*Quigley® Down Under and the Sharps 1874 Model Rifle

An Amazing Movie... And an Equally Amazing Rifle Story... Read the Movie Review Below!

Quigley Sharps Rifle by Shiloh Sharps
(*Quigley® is a Registered Trademark of Powder River Rifle Company dba "Shiloh Rifle")
Quigley® Down Under Movie Poster  The Quigley® Sharps Rifle co-stars with Tom Selleck in the movie, Quigley® Down Under. Selleck plays Matthew Quigley®, a bigger-than-life American marksman who comes to Australia to shoot wild dogs (dingos) for a wealthy rancher. When he finds out that the rancher actually wants him to shoot the local native people (Aborigines), Quigley® refuses. A feud develops and Quigley®'s Rifle takes no prisoners... Oh, the deadly elegance of an accurate single shot rifle!
  The Quigley® rifle itself was a custom conversion from a cavalry model breech loader and it retained the patch box and saddle ring from that incarnation. The older 1863 rifles shot non-metallic paper cartridges, loaded from the breech. The falling block served to slice off the end of the paper cartridge and expose the gun powder. The Quigley® 1874 conversion was rebarreled and re-worked to fire 45 caliber 110 grain metallic cartridges. The 45-110 stands for 45 caliber and 110 grains of black powder. Click to enlarge the Tom Selleck picture and you can see the white "paper-patched" bullets seated in the 45-110 cartridges of his gun belt. Authenticity is everywhere in this movie, including the time it takes for a heavy 45 caliber bullet to travel 1,000 yards AND the fact that it gets there a noticeable few moments before the sound of the shot can be heard by the bad guy who's getting shot!
  The Quigley® Rifle used in the actual movie was made by Shiloh Rifle company (Powder River Rifle Company). Its rumored the movie production schedule had to wait in line three years for the rifle to be completed! After the movie it was donated by Tom Selleck to the NRA for a fund raising auction. In 2010, Powder River Rifle Company acquired the Quigley® trademark from Cimarron Firearms Company. See the actual rifle at Shiloh Sharps Rifles.
  The Movie Is Magnificent - Tom Selleck makes the Quigley® character into a hero we all wish we could be. He wins the love of a beautiful girl, beats the bad guys with heroic American style, and introduces the audience to the deadly efficiency of Single Shot Rifles... See the Movie. Own the Gun!

And Now, You Might Be Interested to Read About a MODERN Single Shot Rifle...

Modern Model 97D Rifles... Single Shot, Falling Block, Custom Quality

Model 97D single Shot Rifle in 6mm BRM for Antelope Model 97D Rifle  

Left: Mike Long with 370 Yd Antelope using 6mm BRM.   *   Right: Rifle Magazine Review - Free Sample Magazine.

In Stock 97D Rifles for Sale...
Order/Info 127-9718 Model 97D 17 Hornet
Order/Info 127-9760  Model 97D 6mm BRM
Order/Info 127-9723 Model 97D 219 Don Wasp
Order/Info 127-BF7US BF Ult Sil Pistol 7US

Model 97D Falling Block Rifles

  The 97D is a small frame single shot rifle that's suitable for big game as well as small game and varmint hunting. It originally evolved from our World Champion long range silhouette pistol action and incorporates the same accurate gun making processes.
 The 97D action itself is inherently accurate and simple... no vibration or stress inducing machinery hanging out into the forend. Onto this we fit an EABCO Accuracy Barrel, precision turned and threaded between centers at a rate that keeps stress and flex out. Barrels are snugged and sealed rather than torqued onto the frame... again, to minimize induced stress. Each chamber is individually reamed on-center and individually head spaced. We feel the crown is so critical to accuracy that we leave it until after the gun is finished... our 11 degree target crowns are cut last and left bright... Our trademark finishing touch.
  Shootability... the user friendliness of the Brown 97D is superb. Rifle stocks are designed intentionally for scope use and position your eye naturally. These rifles balance and point as though they're part of your anatomy. Shooting well with a 97D is easy.
  The base price is $1695 for off the shelf rifles. Add $395 for Rebarrel if you want a different chamber.
  View a PDF of the 97D Instructions, Click Here.
Read What Customers are Saying at 97D Reviews

97D Function Demonstration


Texas Parks and Wildlife Video w/97D


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