Swift Rifle Scopes - Premier Swift Riflescopes are as Good as Leupold or Burris Optics for a Fair Price.
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Swift Rifle Scopes - SRP Premier Swift Riflescopes Excellent Optics and Features for a Fair Price.

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Swift SRP Premier Rifle Scopes - Discontinued from EABCO

 Back in 2001 we took on the Swift Rifle Scope Line  because they offered excellent quality for a very affordable price. In the years since then, the riflescope market has become VERY competitive. Swift quality remained good, but their prices got higher and their features didn't distinguish themselves from the more innovative NEW brands that were coming out. Eventually we weren't selling enough Swift scopes to justify carrying the product line... So we made the sad decision to discontinue Swift Scopes.
In It's Place We Now Carry These State-Of-The-Art Scope Brands
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Swift Scopes Legacy Info Page - For Viewer's Entertainment. Swift Scopes are Discontinued from EABCO
Description by Eben Brown
  Swift Sport Optics introduced the “SRP” version of the Premier scope line a a few years ago. I called them Super Resolving Premiers (aka SRP) because the most significant improvements seem to be in the light gathering and clarity of the optics. A proprietary new lens coating is said to do more than just absorb light... They call it “Light Amplifying”. The Swift specifications say these scopes have 94-96% greater light transmission. They’ve lengthened the eye relief as well... Most are near 3” or better. Most Models (above right) feature low profile target knobs with dust covers. As with the original Premiers, they all have fully multicoated lenses with full saddle one piece tube construction and feature Speed Focus eye pieces for best reticle focus. Lifetime Warranty. They all come with screw-on sunshades, too.
  New Sur-Lok Magnum and 30mm Scopes - These scopes bring a new level of sophistication to the Swift Riflescopes product line. Featuring Magnum recoil reticles and 30mm tube versatility... Click the "INFO" links (at right) for details about these scopes.

205-658M Swift SRP 2-7X40mm Matte
205-659M Swift SRP 3.5-10X44mm (Matte)
205-669MA Swift SRP 6-18X44 PA  (Matte)
205-669MSL Sur-Lok SRP Magnum 6-18x44 PA (Matte)
205-671M Swift SRP 3-9X50 Riflescope Matte
205-674M Swift SRP 3-9X40 (Matte)
205-674MSL Sur-Lok SRP Magnum 3-9x40mm (Matte)
205-676 Swift SRP 4-12x40 PA (Gloss)
205-676M Swift SRP 4-12X40 PA  (Matte)
205-677M Swift SRP 6-24X50 PA (Matte)
205-685M Swift SRP 3-9x40mm Mildot (Matte)
205-687M SRP Mildot 4.5-14X44 PA (Matte)
205-688M SRP Mildot 6-18X44 A/O Matte
205-3908M Swift 30mm SRP 2.5-10x50mm (Matte)
205-3909M Swift 30mm SRP 3-12x56mm (Matte)

205-674M Swift SRP 3-9X40mm is a top of the line deer hunting scope with superb optics in the popular 3-9X magnification that works for all around hunting situations. A screw-on sunshade is included.
205-648M Swift SRP 1.5-4.5X32mm is intended for slug guns, turkey guns, and muzzle loaders. It features a Circle Plus reticle. Includes a screw-on sunshade.
205-649M Swift 4-12X50mm is for hunters who want simplicity but need a magnification range to suit woods as well as open range hunting. The 50mm objective give a bright and clear image and a screw-on sunshade is included.
 205-658M Swift SRP 2-7X40mm is woods hunter’s dream. The 40mm objective is unique to Swift in this power range and gives a bright, clear image in low light woods hunting situations. Includes a screw-on sunshade.
 205-676M Swift SRP 4-12X40mm is our most popular scope and for good reason. The 4-12 magnification suits pretty much everything from woods to open range hunting. It features a parallax adjustable objective to dial out optical error at any distance. And new this year, the 676M features graduated low profile finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs under the dust covers. Like the rest of the SRPs, a screw-on sunshade is included, too.
 205-669M Swift SRP 6-18X44mm is a great mid to long range riflescope with adjustable parallax objective size matched to magnification range. There’s the standard version and then the 669MA target version that features exposed target knobs. Both models have a screw-on sunshade included.
 205-677M Swift SRP 6-24X50mm is a superb long distance target and hunting scope. It features an adjustable parallax objective, target knobs with dust covers, and includes a screw-on sunshade.
Swift Premier RiflescopesSwift 669 Riflescopes
Above Left: SRP 205-669M, Right: SRP 205-669MA 6-18X44mm
All SRPs Include a Free Sunshade
Swift Riflescopes Sunshade
Above: SRP 205-674M with Sunshade
Swift 674M Riflescopes
Above: SRP 205-674M 3-9X40mm
Swift 658 Riflescopes
Above SRP 205-658M 2-7X40mm
Swift 676M Riflescopes
Above: SRP 205-676M 4-12X40mm AO

Reticle Dimensions
Specifications Chart 

Swift SRP Premier Mildot Scopes

Swift Mildot Riflescopes

  These scopes have the range finding Mildot Reticle. We have a good description of Mil-dots and their use on our Mildot Report so we won't go into detail here. Styled after our po-pular 676 scope, these new Swift Premier Mildot reticle scopes also include dust co-vered Target Knobs and a screw in sun-shade. These scopes do Mildot Range Find-


ing at the correct magnification (10X) and it's marked clearly on the power ring with an "M".
 205-687M SRP Mildot 4.5-14X44 A/O Matte
 205-688M SRP Mildot 6-18X44 A/O Matte

Visit Our Swift Mildot Webpage!
Model Description FOV at
100 Yds
Parallax Eye Relief
Tube Dia.
Click Stop
648 1.5-4.5X32mm 71 - 25' 100 yd 3.0/3.3 1" 1/4" 10.4 12.7
649 4-12 X 50mm 29 - 9' 100 yd 3.2/3.0 1” 1/4” 13.8 15.8
658 2-7X40mm 60 - 25' 100 2.9/2.7 1" 1/4" 12.2 14.8
659 3.5-10X44mm 35 -11' 100 yd 3.7/3.1 1" 1/4" 12.6 15.2
669 6-18 X 44mm 19.5 - 7' Adjstble 3"/2.8" 1” 1/4” 15.4 21.2
671 3-9 X 50mm
35 - 25'
100 yd
674 3-9X40mm40' - 14'100 yd3.6/2.91"1/412"13.1
676 4-12 X 40mm 29 - 11’ Adjstble 3.15/2.9 1” 1/4” 12.4” 15.4
677 6-24X50mm 18 - 5' Adjstble 3.11/3.22 1" 1/4" 15.9 20.8
678 8-32 X 50mm 13 - 4’ Adjstble 3.13/2.94 1” 1/4” 16.9” 21.5
687 4.5-14X44mm 25.5 - 8.5' Adjstble 3.2/3.2 1" 1/4" 14.1" 21.5
688 6-18X44mm 19.5 - 7' Adjstble 2.8/2.8 1" 1/4" 15.4" 22.6
"Aim Small - Miss Small" ... Mel Gibson (from The Patriot)


Swift Riflescopes Reticle

Medium Fine Quadra Plex at 100 Yards


Center Crosshair

2.5X1.25 MOA
8X.4 MOA
16X.2 MOA
32X.1 MOA
Swift Mildot Riflescopes

Mildot Range Finding at 100 Yards



A34.4 MOA
B17.2 MOA
C3.44 MOA
D.75 MOA

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