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Barnes Top 20 Bullet Sale

Lowest Prices on Barnes Most Popular Bullets...

Barnes Triple Shock Copper X-Bullets  Barnes Bullets are most famous for their solid copper "X-Bullets" that ultimately became refined into the modern "TSX"... Triple Shock X-Bullets. These bullets are widely known for their accuracy, consistent expansion on impact, and solid, weight retention... (There can be no jacket separation when there is no jacket to separate). The "Triple Shock" name refers to the grooves that are cut into the bearing surface... These are not crimping cannelures but rather an essential part of the all-copper design that reduces barrel fouling, reduces pressure, and enhances accuracy.
  In more recent years, Barnes has developed a long range version of the Triple Shock by incorporating a streamlined polymer tip over the hollow point. These "Tipped Triple Shock" X-Bullets (TTSX) have a boosted Ballistic Coefficient that improves performance at extreme distances... A flatter trajectory for shots beyond 500 yards.
  Complete penetration and razor sharp expansion combine
to make the TSX and TTSX bullets deadly effective on game
. (Watch the Video Below and You'll Be Amazed... Really!)
Barnes Varmint Grenades Bullets  Barnes research into frangible bullets for police and military applications resulted in the technology they now use to produce the wildly popular Varmint Grenade Bullets. These bullets combine a composite frangible core with a hollow cavity and consistent copper jacket... The result is a very accurate bullet that pretty much disintegrates inside predators, minimizing pelt damage. (Watch the Video Below!)

Our Barnes "Top 20" Bullet Sale...

  We figured the best way to launch our Barnes Bullet Line would be to offer the Most Popular Bullets at the Lowest Prices. The good people at Barnes gave us a ranking by sales volume, we picked the top 20 (and added 3 personal favorites), to come up with the listing you see on the right. (Please feel free to  CONTACT US  and requests for your own personal Barnes favorites.)

  $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping - Don't forget we'll ship up to 15 lbs of bullets via USPS for only $7.95. Mix and match bullet types and bullet brands. Select "$7.95 Bullets Only Shipping" at CheckOut! Info..

Flat Rate $7.95 USPS Shipping

Mix and Match Up to 15 lbs - More Info...
Barnes Varmint Grenade Bullets - Boxes of 100



315-30090 .20 cal 26gr VG (100)
315-30171 .224 cal 36gr VG (100)
315-30198 .224 cal 50gr VG (100)
315-30214 .243 cal 62gr VG (100)
Barnes Triple Shock X-Bullets - Boxes of 50



315-30180 .224 cal 53gr TSX (50)
315-30190 .224 cal 62gr TSX (50)
315-30212 .243/6mm 85gr TSX (50)
315-30222 .257 cal 100gr TSX (50)
315-30246 .264/6.5mm 130gr TSX (50)
315-30264 .277 cal 130gr TSX (50)
315-30266 .277 cal 140gr TSX (50)
315-30345 .308 cal 130gr TSX (50)
315-30347 .308 cal 150gr TSX (50)
315-30349 .308 cal 165gr TSX (50)
315-30351 .308 cal 168gr TSX (50)
315-30353 .308 cal 180gr TSX (50)
Barnes Tipped TSX Bullets - Boxes of 50



315-30220 .257 cal 100gr TTSX (50)
315-30240 .264/6.5mm 100gr TTSX (50)
315-30242 .264/6.5mm 120gr TTSX (50)
315-30298 .284 cal 120gr TTSX (50)
315-30300 .284 cal 140gr TTSX (50)
315-30366 .308 cal 150gr TTSX (50)
315-30370 .308 cal 168gr TTSX (50)
315-30372 .308 cal 180gr TTSX (50)
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