Custom Cartridge Brass

Custom Cartridge Brass

.219 Donaldson Wasp, 6mm Wasp, 7mmUS, 6.5mm US, 357 Herrett, 7-30 Waters, 6.5mm BR Magnum, 7mm BR Magnum, 300 BR Magnum, 30 Herrett, and 375 Winchester. 

We got into making custom brass when we introduced the 7mmUS cartridge. Since 7mmUS is derived from the .219 Donaldson Wasp, it's only natural to also make the .219DW. 7-30 Waters and 30 Herrett we added at the request of customers. And .375 Winchester we make up for our .375 Winchester Match as well as standard .375 Winchester guns.
Wildcat Head Stamp - We have made our custom brass from new, unfired 30-30 and 38-55 head stamped brass... From various manufacturers. The head stamp is not changed in the custom brass forming process. On this brass, the head stamp is different from the actual chamber.
Bench Rest Magnum Brass and Dies - These cartridges were developed to give big game hunting performance to small frame firearms like the T/C Contender, Brown BF Pistol, and Brown Model 97D Rifle. The BR Magnum philosophy is described in detail in our free technical reports.

We offer custom formed, ready to load brass for 6.5mm BRM, 7mm BRM, and 300 BRM. 6mm BRM and 224 BRM are made by full length sizing the 6.5mm BRM in their respective sizing dies.

Apr 3rd 2023 EB

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