CZ-457 Head Space Bolt Shim Kit

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CZ-457 Head Space Bolt Shim Kit

Custom tune the head space on your CZ-457. Factory rifles and aftermarket barrels are made to head space within a very narrow dimension called "SAAMI Spec". And that's all they normally need to shoot accurately and reliably. BUT, you can be on the high side of that specification due to variances in manufacturing. And if you would prefer to be closer to the tightest possible headspace, we now have a way for you to fine tune your headspace in that direction... The CZ-457 Bolt Shim Kit!

GOOD NEWS - This Bolt Shim Kit allows you to adjust or tune your headspace in tiny increments until it's the exact dimension you desire. The shims come in 4 thicknesses which you can use singly or in combination to achieve the desired result. They are dimensioned .376" x .565" and fit perfectly onto your CZ-457 bolt. The shims are marked with colored stripes to identify their thickness...

  • Yellow is .0015"
  • Black is .002"
  • Blue is .003"
  • Purple is .004"

We have measuring and installation instructions on PDF... CLICK HERE

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4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332

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