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Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, Model BR, 6-9 Inch

  • Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, 6-9 Inch BR
  • Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, 6-9 Inch BR - Top View
  • Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, 6-9 Inch BR - Front View
  • Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, 6-9 Inch BR - Knob View
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Harris M-LOK Bipods, Series S, 6-9" BR

- Harris M-LOK bipods attach to the M-LOK slots on popular handguards and chassis forends. The S-Type Bipods tilt from side to side so that you can level your rifle as you aim. All Harris bipods fold up and out of the way when you're not using them. These "BR" model legs adjust from 6-9 inches. And now there are three types of leg extension to suit your personal preference.

- Series S Bipods: Side to side level is called "Cant". If you are "Canting" a rifle to one side or the other, you will throw off the accuracy of your aim. The Harris Series S Bipod design allows you to level your rifle from side to side as you're aiming. It does this under adjustable friction tension so it stays put once your crosshair is level. 

- Original Legs: These pull out under spring tension and lock at full length. You can also retract and lock them at intermediate lengths with a thumb screw lock. When fully retracted they are secured with a spring lock.

- Notched Legs: These have pre-cut notches at every inch. Also referred to as "Quick Deploy", these legs are under spring tension and they spring out when a release is pressed. You simply snap into the notch of your desired length. The notched leg bipods are apparently preferred by the military.

- Self Leveling Legs: These PUSH out fully under spring tension and you secure the length of each leg with a thumb screw lock. When retracted, they are secured with the thumb screw lock.

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