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Original 1A2 Harris Bipods

Solid Base w/Folding, Extendable Legs

Info/Order 721-1A2BR Harris BR Bipod 6-9 Inch
Info/Order 721-1A2BRM BR Bipod 6-9" w/Notches
Info/Order 721-1A2L Harris Bipod 9-13 Inch
Info/Order 721-1A2LM Bipod 9-13 w/Notches
Info/Order 721-1A2H Harris Bipod H 13-23"
Info/Order 721-1A225 Harris Bipod 3 Pc 11-23"
Info/Order 721-1A225C Harris Bipod 3 Pc 13-27"

Click "Info/Order" for Pricing/Availability

Series S-Type Harris Bipods

Friction Locking Base Cants from
Side to Side to Level Crosshairs

Info/Order 721-SBR Harris BR 6-9" S BP
Info/Order 721-SBRM BR 6-9" S BP  w/Notches
Info/Order 721-SL Harris 9-13" S  BP
Info/Order 721-SLM Bipod 9-13 S w/Notches
Info/Order 721-S25 Bipod 3 Pc S 11-23"
Info/Order 721-S25C Bipod 3 Pc S 13-27"
Info/Order 200-2500 Standard Swivel Kit

Click "Info/Order" for Pricing/Availability Harris Bipod on 97D Rifle
Above-Model 97D Rifle w/Harris Bipod and S-Lever

Harris Bipods 1A2

Harris Bipods On Sale!

The Foldable, Extendable... Reliable Bipod!
  It just makes sense to give yourself a solid rest when taking a shot at game. But more often than not, there isn't anything comfortable or steady to lean against when the time comes to shoot! The Harris Bipod (click on the pictures to enlarge) system goes with you and is ready for action when you are. It easily attaches to your forend using a swivel stud (you can still use your sling). The Harris Bipod folds out of the way while you're carrying your rifle. And, the legs extend to let you adjust your hold. If you don't have a swivel stud to attach it to, its easy to install a standard sling swivel kit in most gunstocks (order below). And if you have a unique gunstock... we have a bunch of unique swivel adaptors that fit most non-standard gunstocks.
Harris bipods S25 Available in Original "1A2" solid base and New Series "S" hinged base models, there is a Harris Bipod that will fit you just perfectly (the S-Type cants to level your crosshair). For a better picture and description of the S-Type bipod, please Click Here. The 6-9" models are popular with single shot handguns and bench rifle shooters. The 9-13" models are the overall most popular rifle models. "M" versions have leg notches. The "H" model has 2 piece extendable legs like the shorter models. The "25" models have 3 Piece telescoping legs. Scroll Down for M4 and Special Adaptors, Butt Pods, Pod-Locs.

Harris bipod adaptors

A Swivel Stud is All You Need, But...

Some Guns May Need a Special Swivel Adaptor
If you have a standard swivel stud on a forend, all of the above bipods should attach with no additional hardware. Below are adaptors for special situations.

#4 Universal Barrel Clamp- Clamps to rifle barrels up to .812" dia and provides mounting stud for bipod. Info/Order 721-4 Univ. BP Barrel Clamp
#5 AR15 Adaptor- Fits Colt AR15 round handguard without alteration. Provides mounting stud for bipod. Info/Order 721-5 AR15 BP Adaptor
#3 Remington Adaptor- Fits Remington semi-auto models 4, 74, and 7400 and provides mounting stud for Bipod. Info/Order 721-3 Remington 4, 74, 7400 Adaptor
#14 Ruger Mini 14 Adaptor- Fits Mini 30 and Mini 14 standar and ranch but not series 180 or folding stock version. Provides mounting stud for bipod. Info/Order 721-14 R14BP
#2 Flange Adaptor- Allows mounting on hollow plastic forends. Info/Order 721-2
#2A Round Flange Adaptor- for Ruger M77 Plastic stocks. Info/Order 721-2A
2R Radiused Flange Adaptor- Allows mounting on wood forends under tubular magazines or gas tubes. Info/Order 721-2R Radiused Flange BP Adaptor
#8 XP Adaptor- For PLASTIC stock XP100. Requires Drilling. Info/Order 721-8 XPBP
#6 Euro Rail Adaptor- For European sized (~3/8") rail. Info/Order 721-6 EuroBP
#6A USA Rail Adaptor- For USA sized (~5/16") rail. Info/Order 721-6A USABP
#7A Angled Shim- For thin forends and schnabels. Info/Order 721-7A BPShim
#9 Flat Adaptor- For mounting on flat bottom forends. Info/Order 721-9 Flat Adaptor
Click "Info/Order" for Pricing and Availability

M4 Forend Harris Bipods Adaptor

These are rock solid mounting adaptors to install the Harris bipod on the Weaver (or Picatinny) rail system on the forend of the M4 Military rifle and similar set-ups. Very popular with AR15 style shooters!

Info/Details 719-M4BP  Bipod Adaptor for M4 Forend

Click "Info/Details" for Pricing and Availability
Harris Bipod M4 adaptors

S-Lever Bipod Lock for S-Type Bipods Works Like the Pod-Loc™

This New Lever Is Nearly Identical to the PodLoc and Has Versions for BOTH Harris and Caldwell XLA Bipods
  The Harris and Caldwell XLA "S" type bipods allow you to tilt or cant your rifle side to side to level your crosshairs. It's a great system. However, the friction tensioning knob is hard to adjust with your fingers.
S-Lever Pod-Loc for Harris Bipods
 Our S-Lever Tension Lever is an economical replacement for the friction tensioning knob to give you much better control and leverage.
  Pictured far left is the standard S-type canting bipod. Next to it is the same type of bipod with an S-Lever installed. The S-Lever can also be released and re-positioned after you've adjusted it. Made of fiber reinforced nylon (just like the Pod-Loc™), the S-Lever is designed to flex or break off if it gets over-tightened or hung up on something in the field.
  The Harris S-Lever installs on all "S" type Harris and XLA bipods..
Installs easily. Unscrew the friction nut and replace it with an S-Lever, complete instructions included... Order Your's Today!
Info/Order S-Lever for Harris S-Type Bipod
Click "Info/Order" for Pricing and Availability

Accu-Shot Adjustable Butt-Pods for Bipod Shooters

A Solid, Retractable Buttstock Rest with Elevation Adjustment.
This device attaches to your rear swivel and screws up and down to adjust elevation while shooting from a bipod. The adjustment is so fine and rock solid! Watch your crosshairs move onto the target as you screw the Butt-Pod up or down... This will definitely spoil you!
Accu-Shot Quick Knob Butt Pod for Harris Bipods Shooters
Info/Order 720-BT01-QK Quick Knob AccuShot Adjustable Butt Pod for Bipod Users
Click "Info/Order" for Pricing and Availability

Pod Loc™ for Harris Bipods - Easy Tension Adjustment

The Pod-Loc Lever fits S style Harris Bipods for easier and quicker adjustment of canting tension

Original Military Grade
KMW Pod-Loc™ Harris S Bipod Lever

- The KMW Pod-Loc™ Tension Lever replaces the friction tensioning knob on Harris S Series Bipods. Adopted by military and police sniper units all over the world, the Pod-Loc™ has earned a solid reputation under the toughest conditions. And while the KMW Pod-Loc™ has been imitated a lot, it has always kept evolving and improving to meet the needs of the most demanding combat and competition shooters.

- Features
    • No Tools Needed to Adjust Your Bipod -
      All the leverage you need.
    • Dirt and Weather Resistant Dust Shield for
      smooth reliable function.
    • Custom Designed Lever for low profile,
      minimum snag positioning.
    • No Permanent Alteration -
      Bipod can be restored in minutes.
    • Photo Illustrated Instructions Included.
    • Lifetime Warranty

- It doesn't cost all that much more to get the original KMW Pod-Loc™... Order Your's Today!

Harris Bipods KMW Pod-Loc
Harris S Bipods KMW Pod-Loc Attached

Info/Order 012-001 Pod-Loc Tension Lever for Harris S Bipods

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