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Hawke 14122 Vantage 3-9x40mm AO Riflescope for Rifle, Muzzleloader, and Shotgun

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  • Hawke 14122 Vantage 3-9x40 AO Riflescope
  • Dimensions
  • Includes Lens Covers
  • Medium Fine 30-30 Plex Reticle
  • Hawke Vantage 3-9x40mm AO
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Hawke Vantage 3-9x40mm AO All Around Use Riflescope
- It's the AO feature that makes this scope so suitable for muzzleloading, shotgun slug, centerfire, rimfire, and even airgun rifle hunting. "AO" means Adjustable Objective... Which means you can dial out parallax error from 10 yards to infinity. Parallax error is how much the crosshair moves when you move your head position. Most rifle scopes are hard set for 100 yard parallax. When you aim with those scopes at shorter or longer distances, a simple change in the position of your head resting on your buttstock can throw off your shot by a few to several inches.
- Try this experiment with a scope that doesn't have AO: Position your rifle on a shooting rest with the crosshairs on the bullseye. Now, without touching the rifle, look through the scope while you move your head from side to side. If you see the crosshair moving off the bullseye, that's parallax error. Now if your scope has AO, you can dial parallax out for any exact distance from 10 yds to infinity. So if you're hunting in the woods and shooting 40 yards, you can set your parallax to be error free at that distance. Or if you're on a beanfield aiming 150-200 yards, you can set your scope to be parallax free at that distance. For shooting the tightest groups, exact parallax adjustment is critical. But for hunting situations, you just set it to the general distance you expect to shoot and forget it... Its not complicated... Just ACCURATE!... THIS scope gives you that capability.

  • Adjustable Objective for parallax correction
  • 3-9x40mm gives close to mid distance magnification
  • 30/30 Duplex Reticle is familiar and quick to acquire
  • 11 layer coated lenses to enhance light and clarity
  • Fast focus eyebell and high torque zoom ring
  • ¼ MOA low profile no-snag fingertip turrets
  • Muzzleloader, shotgun, slug gun, centerfire, rimfire, air rifle
  • Includes Slip On Lens Covers
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Hawke Vantage
Fine Quadra Plex
Ships Internationally!
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1 Review

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    Nice Rimfire Scope

    Posted by Richard on Jun 4th 2016

    I put this on my 10-22 for a replacement to a 2x7 that I had. Scope had plenty of adjustment to get out to 100yds and very clear optics with precise adjustments. Well worth the price.

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