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Ammunition and Reloading Supplies

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Reloading Equipment

Electronic Powder Scale
Forster Dies & Trimmers
Lee Reloading Dies
Redding Reloading Dies
6.5mm BRM Dies and Brass
Tumblers & Case Prep Tools

Reloading Components

Lapua Bullets and Brass
VihtaVuori * Berger Bullets
Custom Brass * Barnes Bullets
Sabots  *  Nosler Bullets
Swift Bullets * Berger Bullets

Reloading Manuals

Infinity Software * Swift Bullets
VihtaVuori 4th Edition Manual

Selected Data / Free Guide
Applied Ballistics Book /Disk

Loaded Ammunition

Managed Recoil Ammo
Lapua CF Ammo | Lapua 22 Ammo
6.8 Rem SPC | 17 HMR * CCI SELECT
CCI Green Tag * CCI Quiet * Aguila 22

6mm BRM * 6.5mm BRM * 204 Ruger
30-30 LeverRevolution
Lapua SK & Wolf 22 Ammo

Muzzle Loading

Large Rifle Primer Adaptors

Loading for Accuracy
Cleaning and Seasoning

Miscellaneous & Software 

Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets

Choate Gun Stocks

204 Ruger Accessories

Chrony Chronograph

Berry's Brass Tumblers

Infinity Ballistics Software
Bipods and Shooting Rests
Reloading | Ammunition

Exotic 22 LR Ammunition

Exotic 22 Rimfire Ammo... Click Here!

A Flat Rate $7.95 Shipping Charge for Bullet Orders!*

  Flat Rate $7.95 Bullets Only Shipping - Freight is prepaid to the 1st 48 states on our choice regular ground service only. Each Bullets Only order will have a Non-Refundable $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping charge, excluding AK, HI, PR, and VI orders, or any order where the customer pays actual freight & insurance. Orders shipping to AK, HI, PR, and VI or any customer requesting a different shipping method will pay actual freight & insurance. We reserve the right to ship by UPS, FedEx, commercial truck, U. S. Postal, or Speedy Delivery. As you know, bullets are heavy and shipping charges for traditional methods (UPS, etc.) are usually expensive. This $7.95 Flat Rate is for a single shipment of up to 15 lbs of bullets, packed in a single container for shipping. The shipping charge will be $7.95 whether you order 2 boxes, 5 boxes, 7 boxes or more (up to 15 lbs).
  Out-of-stock and partially out-of-stock orders will be back-ordered, held, and shipped all together in one shipment as soon as we are re-stocked. (Back Orders aren't charged until they ship and split ship of partial back orders is available at $7.95/Shipment).
When You Check Out, Select "$7.95 Bullets Only Shipping" to get the $7.95 Flat Rate.
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Grade Rifle Bullets
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Bonded Core Terminal Performance and Accuracy with Scirocco and A-Frame
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Varmint Grenades
Triple Shock Bullets
Tipped TSX Bullets
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Muzzleloader $7.95 Shipping
Air Gun Pellets $7.95 Shipping

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New! Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler Kit... Click Here for Info!

frankford arsenal rotary case tumbler frankford arsenal rotary tumbler frankford arsenal rotary tumbler

Eb's Reloading Method for TC Encore, Contender, 97D Ammo

by Eben Brown, E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc.
  I think that in many cases, people will make reloading too complicated. By that I mean, they will use advanced reloading techniques without understanding how their particular firearm will respond. I decided to write this article and YouTube video to show you what I do to make my own reloaded ammo for the TC Encore, Contender, and Model 97D rifles.
  Avoid Neck Sizing - Neck sizing is an advanced reloading technique that results in ammo that fits too tight. Amateurs can get away with it in bolt action rifles. But in TC Contenders and Encores, neck sizing causes incomplete lock-up that gets worse with each succes-sive reloading. This causes inconsistent lock-up and case head tension against the breech, which seriously hurts accuracy... Click Here for More.

How to Use Wet and Dry Sizing Lubes When Reloading Rifle Cartridges

Redding Case Sizing Lubricant   Before re-sizing, how do you lubricate the insides of case necks without contaminating the powder with a wet lubricant? The answer is to Use Imperial Dry Neck Sizing Lube!
  We produced this short YouTube video to demonstrate Redding's Dry Neck Lube..
Info/Order Imperial Dry Lube Kit $7.99
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