Single Shot M97D Sporting Rifle
Modern Exposed Hammer Falling Block Design, Superb Accuracy
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  Developed from our World Champion BF Silhouette Pistols, the Brown Model 97D Rifle delivers superb accuracy. Standard or built- to-order, the 97D can be personalized with custom options we install during the manufacturing process. * Please, Click on the Photos to Enlarge and Show Detail *
  Unique Falling Block Action - The entire firing mechanism including the hammer is contained in the block. When you open the action the block slides down and the ejector throws your spent cartridges straight back. The design is simple and direct and results in a very fast locktime... an inherent accuracy feature. Take the BF Action Tour and see a photo essay of how the action opens, closes, cocks, fires, and ejects... it's neat!
RodH01.gif (16372 bytes) Brown Model 97D Rifles Are Inherently Accurate.
Customers routinely shoot 5 shots into an inch 
or better at 100 yards with quality ammunition.
Left: 5 Shot Dime Sized Group shot by Rod Herrett of Herrett's Stocks 
97d01.gif (91379 bytes)  EABCO Accuracy Barrels are used in all of our standard chamberings. Each barrel is turned and threaded On-Center and given a Concentric, 11° Target Crown. Into this barrel, the chamber of your choice is reamed and individually headspaced. Chambers are dimensioned properly tight... insuring good alignment with the bore.
  We use a process of Zero Stress Barrel Mating. Our barrels are threaded to fit snuggly onto the actions without torquing. Then, they're sealed into place with an industrial Loctite®. Finally, we don't stamp our markings into our guns, they're electronically etched. Stress-free barrels shoot better. 

Standard Models Only - No More Made-to-Order Service

- This page is for historical reference only. We no longer offer Made-to-Order  BF Pistols. We still offer standard models but Made-to-Order has become too expensive.
- Please Click Here for Standard Model 97D Rifles and BF Pistols
French Gray Finish
Optional Full Coverage or
 Two-Tone Click here for Info
Click here for pricing
FrGray04.gif (62942 bytes) Scope Mounts
2 and 3 Ring Custom
Click Info
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97d11.gif (75859 bytes)
Optional Ambidextrous
For Our Left Handed Customers!
Stock is recontoured and deluxe
 finished, Click for Pricing
97d12.gif (34734 bytes) Engraving
Receiver Sides
or Line of Text
Info, Prices
etch01.gif (28580 bytes)etch03.gif (12123 bytes)
Stock Specifications and Options - M97D stocks are walnut with a contrasting hardwood grip cap and rubber butt pad. Custom LOP is available at extra charge. Standard finish is satin polyurethane. Click Here For Pricing.
Buttstock Transition Piece - This is the metal connector between the buttstock and receiver. The Buttstock Transition is Black Anodized Aircraft Aluminum. On "Standard Model" rifles, the transition is anodized to look like brass.
Delivery, Deposit, and FFL Dealer Pricing - Model 97D Rifles are built-to-order with approximate delivery 6-12 months after we receive the order. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required when the order is placed with the balance due upon completion of the firearm. Firearms must be shipped to your local  FFL Dealer to qualify for the FFL price. You can place the order, pay the price, and arrange for your FFL Dealer to accept delivery. Or, you can give the order details to your FFL Dealer to place the order for you. Either way, we need a signed copy of your Dealer's "FFL" (Federal Firarms License) before we can ship. If you order through our Shopping Cart System we'll contact you for your FFL Dealer information.

To See Pricing or Place an Order... CLICK HERE

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