Model 97D Single Shot Rifles and BF Pistols

History of the Model 97D Single Shot Rifles and BF Pistols (no longer in production)

Our World Champion long range BF Hunting Handguns are no longer in production.  But here's some articles on the history of the M97D  chambered in 6.5mm BRM, 44 Mag, and 22 LR... Long range, Woods, and Small Game pistols. These handguns are made with the exact same quality and attention to detail of our made-to-order BF Pistols. The only difference is that we standardized them to include our most popular features, and we produce them in batches so they'll be ready to ship when we receive your order. This saves a lot of money so your price is lower. That's right it costs less and delivers faster!

If you're not familiar with our BF falling block action, please take our BF Action Tour and see how it works in pictures below. The BF is a small frame gun that feels and points comfortably like a handgun should. From the specially designed target grips to the carefully tuned trigger pull, it is designed for optimum handgun shootability. We use only airgauged, match grade barrels in these guns for best accuracy... Turned, threaded, and chambered on center. Then, finished with an 11º crown. The inherent accuracy of the BF action with this much barrel quality... is superb. 44 Rem Magnum and 6.5mm BRM. The 6.5 is our most popular chambering for 97D rifles and Encore barrels. Both cartridges are excellent choices for up to deer sized game... the 6.5mm BRM is also suited to Elk.

Standard model BF Hunting Handguns have a single shot, falling block action with 15" fixed barrel, Herrett target grips and forend, and include our 6-Screw, 3-Ring KeyLock Magnum scope mount (scope not included). 6.5mm BRM, 44 mag, and 22 LR chamberings.

Model 97D Falling Block Rifles

The 97D is a small frame single shot rifle that's suitable for big game as well as small game and varmint hunting. It originally evolved from our World Champion long range silhouette pistol action and accurate gun making process.
The 97D action itself is inherently accurate and simple... no vibration or stress inducing machinery hanging out into the forend. Onto this we fit an EABCO Accuracy Barrel, precision turned and threaded between centers at a rate that keeps stress and flex out. Barrels are snugged and sealed rather than torqued onto the frame... again, to minimize induced stress. Each chamber is individually reamed on-center and individually head spaced. We feel the crown is so critical to accuracy that we leave it until after the gun is finished... our 11 degree target crowns are cut last and left bright... Our trademark finishing touch.
Shootability... the user friendliness of the Brown 97D is superb. Rifle stocks are designed intentionally for scope use and position your eye naturally. These rifles balance and point as though they're part of your anatomy.
The Deluxe 97D Rifle is configured with our most popular, custom options. It features a 24" blue barrel, French Gray Receiver, 2-Ring Magnum scope mount, and swivel studs. The Base Model All Blue 97D rifles are always in production so they are either on the shelf for immediate delivery or less of a wait. You can add custom features to a Base Model (at extra cost) to make it uniquely yours.

A Superbly Accurate, Small Frame Falling Block Rifle. Easy to Carry, Mild Recoil, and it Points Naturally

Yes, another successful year for our Model 97D Rifle. Many heads of big game were taken with single well placed shots. Prairie dogs and varmints too numerous to count were exterminated with satisfying marksmanship. And 97D paper punchers shot bunches of tight groups in fun practice …

The accuracy, mild recoil, and natural feel of the 97D Rifle combine to make a rifle that’s easy to succeed with… and let’s face it: Shooting well is fun!

97D Rifle Tour

When the hammer is not cocked and the trigger is forward, the 97D is in the SAFE or Safety position. Cocking the hammer takes the gun off safety.

Rotating the trigger guard down and forward drops the block down from the barrel breech, allowing access to the chamber for loading and ejection.

When the action is closed, the hammer can be cocked for firing. The trigger moves to the rear of the trigger guard when the hammer is cocked.


* Falling Block Action... Opens w/o Breaking
* Small Frame Handgun, Points Naturally
* Superbly Accurate... Proven in IHMSA/NRA!
Born in the crucible of 200-500 meter handgun metallic silhouette competition, the BF Hunting Pistol has proven itself as THE champion of accuracy and power in hunting handguns! Shot by 8 of the top 10 competitors, capturing 1st through 6th, 8th,and 9th places... * The BF Dominated the 2001 IHMSA International (World) Championships.
* The First Production Class gun to break 30 (twice) at 500 meter silhouettes , Rich Mishler set and held the World Record shooting his BF Pistol to a score of 32/40. Congratulations also to Jim Harris for Shooting his BF to second place with 31/40... Proven Long Range Power and Accuracy.
We build our Hunting and Competition BF Pistols with equal attention to quality and detail. Every gun is individually fitted and tuned during final assembly. There is no finer hunting handgun on the planet.

Accuracy and Power at Long Range - The BF is a small frame gun that feels and points comfortably like a handgun should. From the specially designed target grips to the carefully tuned trigger pull, it is designed for optimum handgun shootability. We use only airgauged, match grade barrels in these guns for best accuracy... Turned, threaded, and chambered on center. Then, finished with an 11º crown. The inherent accuracy of the BF action with this much barrel quality... is superb.

Minnesota Gun Maker Dominates 2001 World Championships

(Fort Stockton, TX) - Eight out of the top 10 competitors at the 2001 International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) Championships were shooting guns made by E. Arthur Brown Company of Alexandria, MN.

World Champions in First thru Sixth place plus Eighth and Ninth places all shot the “BF Ultimate Silhouette” Pistol. Congratulations to BF Pistol shooters Steve Martens 1st, John Weaver 2nd, Gary Bridges 3rd, Randy Fussell 4th, Buddy Rhoads 5th, Jim Harris 6th, Jerry Wagner 8th, and Jerry Ray 9th… 8 out of the top 10 competitors in the IHMSA 2001 World Championship Production Class! We put the exact same materials and workmanship into our Model 97D Hunting Rifles, BF Hunting Pistols, EABCO Custom TC Encore and Contender Barrels, and custom shop work. Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter, or plinker… you’ll like the quality and accuracy we build.

BF Wins Everything in 2000!

IHMSA Intls, NRA Natls, LA Extravaganza, Australia Natls

We at E. Arthur Brown Company are very proud that Champions choose our guns to compete with. Here are the 2000 Championships won with our guns...

IHMSA Internationals 2000 World Champion - John Weaver
“The BF you re-barreled last year to 300/221R is the most accurate and easy to shoot Production gun I have shot. This year I used it to shoot perfect scores in the Region 4 and Texas State matches. In addition, I shot an 80X80 with it at the 2000 IHMSA Internationals and won the shoot-off with 4X5 chickens at 200 meters. In the four shoot-offs I have shot with the BF, I have left only 2 targets. What an outstanding piece of equipment. Thank You, John Weaver”
NRA Nationals 2000 Champion - Richard Mishler
LASC Extravaganza 2000 Champion - Richard Mishler

Richard also holds the World Record for 500 Meter Handgun Metallic silhouette, shot with his same BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol in 7mm US chambering... "Go ahead and tell your customers how much I love my BF". Richard is an exceptional marksman and gentleman.
IHMSA Austalian Nationals Champion - Barry Whitford
“...your BF handguns have once again been successful in this year’s 2000 Australian IHMSA Championships… In centerfire Production, using my 7mm US, I shot 40/40 in competition and then won the shootoff against another shooter using a 7mm US BF. In rimfire Unlimited, I won the category outright with the only rimfire 40/40 shot… I used my (BF) PRODUCTION gun… same gun with which I won the 1999 Aust Champs Production category as well… Thanks again for a great product.”                     

Chamberings for (formerly) Made-to-Order 97D Rifles and BF Pistols

17 HMR*
17 HM2*
17 Bumble Bee*
17 Hornet (Hornady)*
17 Ackley Hornet*
17 Ackley Bee*
17 HeeBee*
17 FireBall*
17 Mach IV *
17 Remington*
20 Tactical *
204 Ruger*
22 Stinger
22 Long Rifle Match
22 Win Mag Rimfire
22 Hornet
22 K Hornet
22 PPC
221 Remington FB
222 Remington
222 Rem Mag
218 Bee
218 Mashburn Bee
223 Remington
223 Rem Improved
219 Donaldson Wasp
224 BR Mag
225 Winchester
6mm BR Mag
6mm PPC
6mm Donaldson Wasp
25-20 Winchester
25-35 Winchester
25-35 Ackley Improved
6.5mm US
6.5mm BR Mag 6.8 Rem SPC
7mm TCU
7mm US
7-30 Waters
7mm BR Mag
32 HR Mag (.308)
30-20 Match (.308)
300-221 Rimmed
30 Herrett
30-30 Winchester
30-30 Ackley Imp
300 BR Mag
30-40 Krag (30 US)
38 Special
357 Magnum
357 Maximum
357 Herrett
375 Winchester
44 Rem Magnum                 

1997...Our Winningest Season

The 1997 La Cholla Challenge... 500 Meters

Rich Mishler Smashed the previous world record and won hitting 34/40 Targets, Slamming Down 9/10 Rams at 500 Meters! This Was Open Sights, Handguns, 500 Meters... Can You Believe It?
His Gun Was the BF Ultimate Silhouette in 7mm US Chambering.
IHMSA 1997 Internationals... Small Bore Unlimited
Steve White Beat All Of The Custom Unlimited Guns With His Production Gun...
The BF Ultimate Silhouette in 22 Long Rifle Match. Steve White... Champion of All The World!
IHMSA 1997 Internationals... "Iron Man" All Around Champion
Steve White Won Using His BF Ultimate Silhouette for Small Bore Production and Unlimited Classes (2 perfect scores), and Borrowed a BF Ultimate Silhouette in 7mm US For Big Bore Production Class. Steve White, "Iron Man", The Best In The World For 1997.
1997 IHMSA Cast Bullet Internationals
Dennis Trautman Won With His BF Ultimate Silhouette In 30 Max Chambering.
Dennis Trautman... Champion Of All The World!
NRA Nationals... Small Bore
Marvin Tannahill Won the Small Bore Conventional Standing Pistol Title.
His Gun Was a BF Ultimate Silhouette in 22 Long Rifle Match.
NRA Nationals... Big Bore
Marvin Tannahill Won the Conventional Freestyle Title.
His Gun Was a BF Ultimate Silhoutte in 7mm US Chambering.
NRA Nationals... "Iron Man" All-Around Title
Marvin Tannahill used is BF Ultimate Silhouette 22LR Match in Conventional and Conventional Standing Categories and he used his BF Ultimate Silhouette 7mmUS in Big Bore Conventional Freestyle to capture the "Iron Man" title!
NRA Nationals... Small Bore Hunters Pistol
Marvin Tannahill won the Open Sight Hunter's Pistol Championship with his BF Ultimate Silhouette 22LR Match and went on to capture the Byron Engle (Iron Man/4-Gun) Trophy.
1997 IHMSA Internationals... Big Bore Unlimited Any Sight
Harry Alder Took Second Place With His BF Pistol in 7mm Chambering.
1997 IHMSA Internationals... Big Bore Unlimited Standing
Hal Simpkins Captured Second Place With His BF Pistol In .357 Magnum.
1997 IHMSA Internationals... Big Bore Class AAA
Randy Fussell Took First Place with 78/80
His Gun: BF Ultimate Silhouette in 7mm US Chambering.
Mike McGowen Took Second Place with 77/80
His Gun: BF Ultimate Silhouette in 7mmUS Chambering.
Pensylvania State Championships
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Won By Competitors With BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistols.
All Perfect Scores... The Champion Decided by Shoot-Off.
Jerry Gregg... PA State Champion. His Gun: A 6.5mmUS BF Utimate Silhouette.
Minnesota State Championships
Brian Krueger Won The Production Class Title.
His Gun: A 6.5mmUS BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol.
Doug Standall Won The Small Bore Production Class Title.
His Gun: A 22 Long Rifle Match BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol.
Texas State Championships
Micky Smith Captured The Title For His Class In Field Pistol.
His Gun: The BF Pistol in 30-20 Winchester Chambering.
There Are Many More Winners We Haven't Heard From...
These are only the winners we've heard from or read about... we don't want to leave anyone out. If you know of a winner with a BF Pistol, please let us know and we'll post him/her in our 1997 Winningest Year Report.

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