Model 97D Single Shot Falling Block Rifle by E. Arthur Brown Company
Model 97D Single Shot Rifles and Pistols

Single Shot, Falling Block Sporting Arms for Hunting and Competition (World Champ Accuracy)

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Model 97D Single Shot Rifle bf single shot pistol

Standard Model 97D Rifles  

Faster Delivery and the Most Popular Options

Standard Model BF Pistols

Faster Delivery and the Most Popular Options

Built-to-Order 97D Rifles - N/A

Superbly Accurate Small Frame Falling Block Rifle

Built-to-Order BF Pistol - N/A

World Champion Competition and Hunting Guns

Original Chambers and Options

Package and FFL Discounts, On-Line Ordering

Falling Block Action Tour

Photo Series Showing all phases of BF/M97D function

Original (First) 97D Webpage

Additional Background Info on 97D and Options

M97D and BF Reloading Data

Reference Data for Our Most Popular Chamberings

Standard Models Only - No More Made-to-Order Service

- Please Note: We no longer offer Made-to-Order  97D rifles and BF Pistols. We still offer standard models but Made-to-Order service has simply become too expensive.
- Please Click Here for Standard Model 97D Rifles and BF Pistols

Please Take a Moment, Click Here and Read Our Customer Reviews

single shot rifle video


Model 97D
Rifle Tour!

Click the Photo
to View the Video...
Our first YouTube video is a simple tour
of the Model 97D Rifle... Take a Look!

See the 97D in the...

Texas Parks and Wildlife Video!
  Learn about Antelope in Texas and see the 97D Rifle on a hunt in this remarkable YouTube video!
  97D Rifle owners Mark and Cindy Borsi participated in the making of this video... That's Cindy lining up a shot with her 97D Rifle!

(2nd) 97D Web Page * Original (first) 97D Web Page97D Gallery #1 * 97D Gallery #2

MN Gun Maker Dominates World Championships

Shot by 8/10 top shooters... Congratulations to Steve Martens, World Champion Click Here!
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