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Accurate Hunting Handguns
Now Available in 6.5mm BRM, 44 Mag, and 22 LR!
  Our World Champion long range BF Hunting Handguns are now available in a standard, off the shelf model... Chambered in 6.5mm BRM, 44 Mag, and 22 LR... Long range, Woods, and Small Game pistols. These handguns are made with the exact same quality and attention to detail of our made-to-order BF Pistols. The only difference is that we standardized them to include our most popular features, and we produce them in batches so they'll be ready to ship when we receive your order. This saves a lot of money so your price is lower. That's right it costs less and delivers faster!

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  Standard model BF Hunting Handguns have a single shot, falling block action with 15" fixed barrel, Herrett target grips and forend, and include our 6-Screw, 3-Ring KeyLock Magnum scope mount (scope not included). 6.5mm BRM, 44 mag, and 22 LR chamberings.
  If you're not familiar with our BF falling block action, please take our BF Action Tour (Click Here) and see how it works in pictures. The BF is a small frame gun that feels and points comfortably like a handgun should. From the specially designed target grips to the carefully tuned trigger pull, it is designed for optimum handgun shootability. We use only airgauged, match grade barrels in these guns for best accuracy... Turned, threaded, and chambered on center. Then, finished with an 11 crown. The inherent accuracy of the BF action with this much barrel quality... is superb. 44 Rem Magnum and 6.5mm BRM. The 6.5 is our most popular chambering for 97D rifles and Encore barrels. Both cartridges are excellent choices for up to deer sized game... the 6.5mm BRM is also suited to Elk. * To Search Scroll Down *
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BF Classic Hunting Pistols (Call for Availability)

 Info/Order 127-97B44 BF Classic Hunting Pistol 12" 44 Magnum
 Info/Order 127-97B22 BF Classic Hunting Pistol 10
" 22 LR
To View a PDF Copy of the BF Pistol Instruction Manual, Click Here.
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