KG12 copper remover

KG 12 Copper Remover for Rifles - KG12 Restores accuracy in 204 Ruger, 223 Rem, 22-250, 220 Swift.

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KG-12 Copper Remover for Rifles

Quickly Removes Heavy Copper Fouling from Rifle Bore...
Restores Accuracy to 204 Ruger, 22-250 and all others.

Copper fouling destroys accuracy in high velocity rifles. New barrels that haven't been broken in can be over-fouled with copper in as little as the first 10 shots... before a new rifle owner has even had a chance to finish sighting in, much less shoot groups. Extremely high velocity cartridges like 204 Ruger or 22-250 are notorious for copper fouling. Experienced 204 Ruger shooters and long range prairie dog hunters are known to clean the copper from their barrels every 20-50 shots to keep them accurate. Wipe-Out Bore Foam has been the most effective, yet gentle cleaner but it can take 1-12 hours of soaking to get out the copper when it gets especially heavy. Our new KG12 will remove HEAVY copper fouling in as little as 15-30 minutes! It's a great tool for maintaining accuracy as well as barrel break-in.
KG-12 Copper Removal - First of all, KG12 is totally aggressive on copper. Take a look at the copper dissolving test results at KG12Test.pdf. Second, it Contains No Ammonia. It is a water based chemical that will not harm rifle barrel steels. (Use Caution around Nickel Plating - see below right). Third, apply KG-12 with a bore brush so you'll get a sufficient and complete wetting of the bore... don't let it evaporate, keep it wet for 5-15 minutes. Afterward, push a close fitting jag and patch through the bore and then inspect with a flashlight. Simply look into the muzzle and see if there are still some copper streaks. If there's still copper, repeat the process. When there's no more copper, flush with a couple patches of KG3 and follow with a patch of KG4 gun oil. (See descriptions/priorities of all KG products below).
KG-12 and KG-2 Barrel Break-In Procedure - Usually barrel break-in procedures are to fire one or more shots, clean the barrel, fire one or more shots, clean the barrel, and so on until the polishing action of the fired bullets has worn-in the bore surfaces. However, the key ingredient of breaking in a barrel is a clean, un-coppered bore so the fired bullets can wear directly against bare steel as they travel down the bore. High velocity cartridges that foul the bore fast can make breaking in go slow by simply requiring so much waiting time to clean out the copper between shots. We've found that KG12 reduces the cleaning time to 15-30 minutes for even the heaviest copper fouling. And if you add KG-2 bore polish, you can increase the bore polishing effectiveness of each fired break-in shot. Fire a shot, clean with KG-12, swab with KG-2, and fire another shot. Repeat for 5-10 shots. Do not over do it on the KG-2... just swab enough to coat the inside barrel surfaces... we use a patch wrapped around a smaller caliber brush.
Remember, a certain amount of copper fouling is normal. What breaking in a barrel does is increase the number of accurate shots you can take before having to clean out excessive copper fouling. And KG12 is exceptional at removing any and all copper.
KG Products Descriptions and Priorities - Of course we recommend them all but you can order only what you need. For example, the instructions recommend flushing with KG-3 Solvent/Degreaser after cleaning with KG-12. You can sure use something else if you want to. Likewise, KG-1 is a superb carbon and powder fouling solvent for regular gun cleaning (We use it before cleaning with KG12) but you can sure use something else. Same with KG-4 gun oil. Order them all or order only what you need... KG is good stuff!

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Harmless to Stainless
or Blue Steel Gun Barrels...

KG12 contains no ammonia and will not harm gun barrel steels. Developed for military use cleaning Howitzer barrels, it is extremely aggressive on copper. Since nickel plating usually has a copper under layer, we say do not use KG-12 on any nickel plated sur- face or get it on any nickel plated surface by accident.
Need Physical Proof?
KG12 versus everything else, compares 24 hour dissolving power on a solid copper bullet.
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Info/Order 014-D612 KG-12 Copper Remover 4 oz.
Info/Order 014-D602 KG-2 Bore Polish 4 oz.
Info/Order 014-D603 KG-3 Solvent/Degreaser 19 oz.
Info/Order 014-D601 KG-1 Carbon Remover 4 oz.
Info/Order 014-D604 KG-4 Gun Oil 2 oz.
Info/Order 014-PKG KG-1,2,3,4, and 12 Package Deal (all 5)

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