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Patch Out Bore Cleaner - Patch-Out is Wipe-Out in a Non-Foaming Liquid Concentrate to Remove Copper.

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Patch-Out™ Bore Cleaning Liquid

Concentrated Wipe-Out Chemical Without Foam
Removes Copper Fouling from the Rifle Bore - No Acid nor Ammonia

Patch-Out is Wipe-Out Bore Foam in a non-foaming liquid concentrate. It removes copper fouling even faster and more effectively because it is concentrated. You are probably familiar with our original Wipe-Out™ Bore Foam... Famous for its ability to safely dissolve copper fouling from your rifle barrel with a brushless foaming application method. It works SO well but can take an hour or more to do its work. Well, the Wipe-Out foaming system consists of the active chemical plus the foaming agent... Patch-Out is straight chemical with no foaming agent... It is undiluted concentrate!

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Wipe-Out (and Patch-Out) Restores Accuracy - A customer came in and raved about restoring a favorite gun to accuracy with Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Cleaner. He had cleaned the barrel thoroughly with brushes and solvents and it still wouldn't shoot accurately. Then he tried Wipe-Out. The patch came out bright blue... which means lots of copper was embedded in his bore. After cleaning with Wipe-Out, the gun became accurate just like when it was new.
Patch-Out is a more concentrated version of Wipe-Out. The same chemical, undiluted because it contains no foaming agent... So its even more effective and works faster. Apply with a cleaning rod and a loose fitting patch or swab... sopping wet with Patch-Out. Let the barrel soak horizontally for 20 minutes and then push through a tight fitting patch. No Brushing... Let Patch-Out do the work. A blue or purple patch means copper was dissolved. Repeat the application and soak for 10 minutes. Push through a tight fitting patch and if there's no color, the barrel is clean.
No acid and not ammonia, Patch-Out is gentle on rifle barrel steels...Its odorless, yet dissolves copper, carbon, brass, bronze, and powder fouling. The patch color tells the tale... Blue is copper fouling. Gray/black is carbon and powder fouling. When the patch comes out colorless, the barrel is clean! If you need a cleaning rod, jag, and patches, please click here (for a 12 Piece Jag Set Click Here) After cleaning with Patch-Out, we recommend treating the bore with a good gun oil.
  If you like accuracy, you have to try Patch-Out™... The 8 oz. bottle is concentrated and lasts a LONG time... An extremely good gun cleaning value. Order your's today!

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ORDER 111-810 Patch-Out Liquid Bore Cleaner
 ORDER 111-800 Patch-Out and Wipe-Out Accelerator™

Accelerator is a pre-treat accelerant that cuts cleaning time in half.
Sop your bore with it before applying Patch-Out or Wipe-Out.
Cleaning Rods, Jags, and Patches Click Here

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