EABCO Selected Reloading Data

Selected Reloading Data

224 BRM, 6mm BRM, 6.5mm BRM, 7mm BRM, 300 BRM, 30-40 Ackley Imp., 6mm PPC,
7mm US, 6.5mm US, 6mm US, 357 Herrett (aka 358 US)

Note: VihtaVuori(V) powders are preferred for consistency, accuracy, and throat life.

PRVI Brass... Headstamp PPU 30-30 Win - We make our wildcats out of Remington and Winchester brand 30-30 brass. Due to recent shortages, we can't get those brands and have purchased some very good quality 30-30 brass from the PRVI company in eastern Europe. This brass meets all of the dimensional specs and forms our wildcats without any problems. BUT, it does seem to behave a little differently when hand loaded. Pressures can peak a little quicker, meaning a max load may be reached at lower weights of powder. And so we have worked up some PPU handload data.
While both of the PRVI brass loads below have the same average velocity, the one using V-160 didn't seal the chamber as well and left the brass sooty. The load using V-165 sealed well, functioned well, and the powder filled the case well.

More PRVI Brass Tips - We also tried going a different direction to seal the chamber (from sooting) during ignition. Using a FASTER powder, we worked up loads with VihtaVuori 150 and this gave very good results... Although we were not able to "fill the case" completely before reaching maximum load characteristics. We do not have load data suitable for publishing on this but offer the information so you'll have a reference for working up your own 6.5 BRM loads.

Very accurate load developed by Andy Giambi. At 100 yards, grouped 4 shots into .24 inch with a 5th shot flyer expanding the group to only .48 inch. Fired in a 26 inch barreled Brown Model 97D Single Shot Rifle in preparation for 1,000 yard "Feats of Accuracy" video. Andy suggests that in addition to the Berger VLD, the Hornady 140 gr AMAX and Lapua 140 gr. Scenar bullets should give similar results. 

Very Accurate 6mm Load. Developed for Antelope hunting in 2009. Made two one-shot kills at 250+ and 400+ paces, both were heart-lung hits as aimed from a Model 97D Rifle with 97D 4-12x40 PA scope. The rifle has 1:8 twist rifling in the barrel. The load was backed off from a maximum test load of 39.0 grs to give reliability in the field.

30-40 Ackley Improved - Developed with the object of attaining approximately 308 Win/30-06 level velocities in small actions like the Model 97D rifle and TC Contender. The narrower body diameter and Ackley Improved shape produce minimal bolt thrust. These loads were worked up in our Model 97D falling block rifle using Dry Remington Brass and a Dry Chamber to take advantage of the Ackley shape in reducing bolt thrust. Primers were CCI Large Rifle. Three pressure indicators were watched for: Primer Flattening, Chamber sticking, and Block Dragging. After firing the maximum load (below) the Model 97D action always opened easily (without dragging) and the cartridges ejected freely (without sticking). Primers were not excessively flattened. Different guns (even different Model 97Ds) could behave differently. Always start low and work upwards gradually (.5 grain increments). Watch for pressure signs in primer flattening, chamber sticking, and/or block dragging and STOP INCREASING.
* For Reference Only - We Do Not Build 97D Rifles nor Contender Barrels in 30-40 AI!

     6mm PPC - The following load was worked up in a Model 97D Rifle with 24" barrel chambered for 6mm PPC with the chamber neck reamed to .275 to fit Lapua brass without neck turning. Lapua 220 Russian brass was full length sized and fire formed to 6mm PPC using 65 gr Vmax bullets, CCIBR4 primers, and 21.8 gr of VihtaVuori 130 powder. The following optimum load was worked up with VihtaVuori 135, 58 gr. Vmax bullet, and CCIBR4 primers. Please Note: There really is no "standard" for 6mm PPC. It can be finicky. But once you find what works best for you, the cartridge performs superbly... with accuracy that will astound you. * For Reference Only - Load at Your Own Risk *

     7mm Ultimate Silhouette (7US) - The following loads were contributed by Rich Mishler, holder of the World Record for 500 meter handgun silhouette (32/40) shot with his BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol chambered in 7mm US and with a 10¾" Barrel. I believe his brass was developed using EABCO 7US brass. Primers were CCIBR2 and powder is VihtaVuori. Rich has been a staunch advocate of VihtaVuori powder for increased throat life. * For Reference Only - Load at Your Own Risk


EABCO 1996 Reference Pamphlet - These load data were worked up for BF Pistols in the 219 Donaldson Wasp, 6mm Donaldson Wasp (aka 6mm US), 6.5mm US, 6.5mm BRM, 7mm US, 358 US (similar to 357 Herret), and 375 Winchester Hybrid (match chamber 1:18 twist). In this data you'll see models of the BF pistol refered to as "Varminteer" (a heavy 1" dia. barrel model) and "Glass-Eyed Hunter" (a standard .810" dia barrel model), and "Ultimate Silhouette" (a heavy .905" dia barrel model with Bomar ScopeRib I Sights). Some of these data were worked up here at EABCO and some were contributed by customers. Different guns may have different throat lengths, rifling twists, neck diameters, etc. Potency can can vary from lot to lot. So, use these data for reference only... not as exact recipes. Work up your own loads * For Reference Only - Load at Your Own Risk *

Mar 30th 2023 EB

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