Sabot Loading Reference Data

A General Approach to Loading Saboted Cartridges...

Always start with light loads and "work up" your loads to find what functions and shoots best in your firearm. NEVER USE LOAD DATA AS THOUGH IT WERE AN EXACT RECIPE. Every barrel and chamber is different and pressures peak at different levels. Load data is merely a reference or a hint of where to start, what powders to use, and what the potential results might be. Here is an excellent way to proceed...

Check the PDF link below to see if the cartridge you want to load with sabots is listed in our computer generated loading reference/data. If it is, use that data as a reference for developing your own loads. By "reference", we mean to use the powder types as a reference for the burn rate of suitable powders. (There are burn rate charts for gun powders available on the internet.) Also by "reference", we mean to use the powder charge weights as a starting point for a particular case capacity: If you are developing a load for a cartridge that has 80% of the case capacity of a listed cartridge, use your judgment to figure a suitable starting load. Case capacities for most cartridges can be looked up on

Sabot Reloading Data PDF - Click to Download

Mar 30th 2023 EB

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