JP Large Profile Tactical Brake Installed - Stainless

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JP Large Profile Tactical Muzzle Brake Installed
Extremely Popular and Effective for All Centerfire Rifle Cartridges!
- Our "Go To" brake for large diameter, "heavy" barrel contours. It fits muzzle diameters from .750 to 1.000 inch. This JP Tactical (and varmint) muzzle brake draws heavily from the dual baffle design of our JP “Howitzer” muzzle brake. The original idea was that smaller cartridges like .223 Rem don’t need as much baffle area so the size of the brake could be reduced without losing too much baffle effect. But it evolved into a major caliber brake.
- Excellent for All Cartridges - We've been installing these on Encore barrels, Bolt Action rifles, and AR15 variants for a several of years now, on guns chambered for just about all centerfire cartridges... And the response has been so positive that we added this brake to our regular installed Muzzle Brake line-up. The price includes precision threaded, 11° Target Crowned installation and finishing.

- The major outside diameter of this brake is 1.200". It adds about 2-1/8 inch to the barrel length (unless you want us to shorten the barrel with installation). And as mentioned above, it fits large diameter barrels from .750-1.000" at the muzzle.
- Regular Pricing up to .45 caliber. Add $50 for .500 S&W

- Please use this Work Order Form when sending your firearm or barrel to us. Allow approx. 6-8 weeks for installation.

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Additional Information

Item Type:
Muzzle Brake
JP Rifles
Stainless | Blued
Muzzle Diameter:
.750" | .810" | .865" | .875" | .800" | .936" | 1.00"
JP Tactical
Muzzle .750-1.00"
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