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Redding Imperial Dry Neck Lub Convenience Pack

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Redding Imperial Dry Neck Lube Convenience Pack

The popularity of Redding?s Imperial Dry Neck Lube in Application Media has spawned many requests for an easier way to buy the recharging lubricant along with the pre-charged application media. The Imperial Convenience Pak was created with both containers packaged together in a clear plastic storage tube. The Application Media is useable for an indefinite period with re-chargings of dry lubricant every 400-500 cases.
Imperial Dry Neck lubricant in Application Media is highly effective in its intended purpose and a great time saver, lubing the inside and outside of case necks at once with a proprietary dry blend which has no detrimental effects on powder. Simply dip the neck into the media and the job is complete. The media evenly distributes the Dry Neck Lube reducing friction and unnecessary stress on the case neck without over applying.
Brass fatigue or ?work hardening? is well documented in the case of over sizing the diameter of the neck, and Redding Type-S Bushing Style Dies can extend case life. A secondary and less known stress to a case neck occurs from the friction imparted to the surfaces of the neck from both the sizer, be it standard or bushing and the expander button. A high quality neck lubricant like that found in the Imperial Convenience Pak reduces this ?burnishing? effect from friction further improving life of the case neck through repeated reloadings.

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