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Remington 870 Trigger Tune Spring Kit

  • Remington 870 Trigger Tune Spring Kit
  • Remington 870 Hammer and Trigger Springs
  • Rem 870 Trigger Tune Spring Weights


Remington 870 Trigger Tune Spring Kit

This kit comprises of both a replacement hammer spring as well as five different trigger springs ranging in pull weight from 1.25lb to 5lb. The hammer spring is made from stainless steel, and the trigger springs are made from spring steel then plated for both easy identification and to maximize corrosion resistance.

This high quality set of six trigger springs fits nearly all Remington pump and semi-auto rifles and shotguns - which use the trigger assembly as pictured. This kit allows you to restore your vintage Remington trigger to original condition or it can also be used to select your trigger pull weight preference based on the type of shooting you do. Aside from three lighter pull weights, the kit includes a factory weight spring should you wish to bring your trigger back to original specification, as well as a heavier spring for cold climate shooting with heavy gloves.

The new hammer spring will both correct light primer strikes due to an old or worn spring as well as correct/improve lock time - the proper function of both being crucial for maintaining accuracy.

Compatibility: Remington Models 870, 11-87, 11-96, 552, 572, 6, 740, 7400, 742, 750, 760, 7615, 762, 878, SP-10.

Installation: The manufacturer does not provide instructions. However, there are lots of How-To videos and articles online about the Remington 870 trigger assembly. If you don't feel comfortable installing this kit yourself, we recommend using an experienced Remington 870 gunsmith.

  • Ultralight 1.25lb to 1.5lb (black color)
  • Light 1.75lb to 2lb (silver color)
  • Medium ~3lb (grey color)
  • Factory ~4lb (charcoal color)
  • Heavy ~5lb (light blue zinc color)

Warning: These trigger weights are approximate and may differ slightly in different guns. These are only the springs... The condition of your guns sear engagement will dictate how light you can go. After installation and with the gun UNLOADED, TEST your installation for safety by slam closing the bolt and dropping on the buttpad. If the trigger won't hold, you may have to go with a heavier spring and then RE-TEST for safety.

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Remington 870
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