Black Dog Magazines 10/22 Drum holds 50 rounds
Black Dog Magazines 10/22 Drum Magazine Holds 50 Rounds of 22 LR Ammo. Made by Black Dog Magazines
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Black Dog 10/22 Magazines 50 Round Drum

For Your Ruger 10/22... Reliable Feed, Easy To Load, Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning!

  We got a preview of the new Black Dog Magazines 50 Round Drum for the Ruger 10/22 at the Shot Show and were quick to place our order!  It's pretty impressive in design and quality of construction. Hopefully the pictures and video do it justice (click the photo to enlarge).
  Reliable Feed - Generally the higher the capacity, the harder it is to get reliable feed from spring loaded magazines. But this Black Dog Drum spreads the spring tension so that it stays pretty much the same from the first round to the 50th. And the result is reliable feed for 50 rnds of shooting.
  Easy to Load - No Magazine Loader Required. See the opening in the back of the drum? Those slots are for your thumb. You simple press with your thumb to compress the magazine follower as you insert rounds of ammo.
  Easy to Clean - The precision molded parts are assembled with machine screws and nuts (no glue, or snaps, or plastic threads to strip). The Black Dog 50 Round Drum is easy to disassemble for cleaning (use warm soapy water). Disassembly instructions are included.
  Quality First, Price Second - Black Dog took an approach to this Drum Magazine from the point of view of what would it take to make it work right, regardless of the cost. It ended up costing a little more than other drum type 10/22 magazines, but it works... Man, It Really Works!
  The World's Best 10/22 Drum Magazine... Order Your's Today!

Order/Info Black Dog 10/22 Drum Magazine 50 Rnd

Black Dog 50 Round Drum for Ruger 10/22
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 50 Round Mags to Your State *

Black Dog 25 Round 10/22 Magazines

  Enhanced stiffness and hardness due to Glass Filled Polycarbo- nite materials resulting in excellent feed reliability. Refined from the original Butler Creek Hot-Lips 10/22 magazine design... Back Dog feed lips are identically shaped to match the factory magazines.
Info/Order Black Dog 10/22 Magazine 25 Round Smoke*
Black Dog 10/22 Magazine
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 25 Round Mags to Your State *
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