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T/C Encore Muzzleloader 25 ACP Small Rifle Primer Conversion

  • T/C Encore Muzzleloader 25 ACP Small Rifle Primer Conversion
  • T/C Encore Muzzleloader Small Rifle Primer Conversion


T/C Encore Muzzleloader Small Rifle Primer Conversion

  • Less Pressure to Upset Your Load - Better Accuracy Potential
  • Seals Better - Less Blow Back Shoots Cleaner
  • For Black Powder and Pyrodex (But NOT Blackhorn 209)
  • Includes Modified Breech Plug and 10 Empty 25 ACP cases
  • NOT for Blackhorn 209 (see below)

This kit converts the T/C Muzzleloader to use small rifle primers by way of .25 ACP cartridge cases and a custom breech plug replacement. Simply replace your factory breech plug with this stainless steel .25 ACP breech plug. Then, seat small rifle primers in the .25 ACP cases and use them for ignition instead of the original 209 Shotgun primers.

But Why?
The object of converting to small rifle primers is to reduce the pressure that can upset your load during 209 primer ignition. This enhances accuracy potential. This works fine for black powder and original black powder subsititutes like Pyrodex. But it DOES NOT work with Blackhorn 209 powder. Blackhorn 209 will not ignite reliably with small rifle primers. If you're planning to use Blackhorn 209, we recommend the Variflame II (and large rifle magnum primers).

What's In The Kit -This kit includes a custom .25 ACP breech plug and 10 empty .25 ACP cartridge cases. The breech plug is 416 stainless and the cases are re-usable... Punch out the used primers and seat new primers.

Compatibility - This breech plug fits original TC Encore 209x50 and TC Omega muzzleloaders. It does not work on Triumph, Pro Hunter or Endeavor. And again, it's not compatible with Blackhorn 209 powder.

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Breech Plug
Thompson Center Arms
Precision Rifle
TC Encore Prohunter
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