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VariFlame II Large Rifle Primer Conversion for Muzzle Loaders

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VariFlame II Primer Conversion for Muzzle Loaders
Switch to Large Rifle Cartridge Primers for Better Accuracy and Less Fouling
- The VariFlame II Primer Conversion for TC Encore muzzle loaders converts your barrel from 209 shotgun primers to Large Rifle cartridge primers. The new system uses stainless steel primer adaptors with a rim the size of 22 hornet... Making it easy to re-prime with any hand-held priming tool (like reloaders use). These VariFlame II primer adaptors are re-usable forever (almost)... They're steel-strong and won't deform even with hot loads. De-cap or remove used primers with a punch. Re-prime with a Lee Auto-Prime and #7 or #20 (22 Hornet) shellholder.
- Why Convert from 209 Primers?- Well first of all, ACCURACY! 209 primers have enough pressure to disrupt a load before it ignites. This causes inconsistencies that will degrade your accuracy potential.
And Second, FOULING! 209 primers are cruddy foulers of your bore and breech plug. Fouling is bad for accuracy and in the breech plug it can degrade the reliability of ignition, too. Large Rifle Primers are cleaner.
Large Rifle Primers have a hot enough flame to ignite most muzzle loading powders reliably. However, *you should use Magnum Primers with Blackhorn 209 powder. Magnum Large Rifle Primers with Blackhorn 209 powder will give you the cleanest shooting ever.
- The VariFlame II Large Rifle Primer adaptors for the TC Encore and Omega are precision machined from stainless steel and come in packages of 10 re-usable holders (Re-prime with the Lee Auto Prime*). These adaptors fit in a specially modified TC Encore breech plug (Sorry, Not available for Pro Hunter breech plugs). Simply replace the breech plug in your TC Encore muzzleloader barrel. Then, you can use the VariFlame II adaptors and large rifle primers

Note: This breech plug kit fits TC Encore Muzzleloader barrels and Omega - Not Pro Hunter Muzzleloader Barrels.
Attn: Reloaders - VariFlame II Primer Holders fit 22 Hornet Shellholders. This includes the Redding #14 shellholder if you use a reloading press to seat the primers. If you will be using a Lee Auto-Prime, order the Auto-Prime #7 or #20 shellholders. Blackhorn 209 powder requires MAGNUM large rifle primers

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Stainless Steel
Precision Rifle
Encore (NOT Pro Hunter)
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