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TC Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin

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  • TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin
  • TC Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin
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LOCKER Hinge Pin for TC Encore and Pro Hunter
  The Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin replaces your factory hinge pin with no modifications to your frame or barrel. It simply tightens into place so there is no rotation nor drifting from side to side. The new pin fits all standard and Pro Hunter Encore barrels and frames. However, you may need to sand some clearance at the inside wings/ears of your forend.
  The original TC Encore barrel hinge pin rotates and drifts from side to side freely every time you open and close the action. This creates a potential for the lock-up to be slightly different with each shot. And, anything that is different from one shot to the next can change the point of impact. Our Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin locks the position of the hinge pin so that mechanical lock-up of the Encore action is exactly the same from one shot to the next!

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Encore Pro Hunter
Encore Pro Hunter
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42 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Arthur Wesley Williams on Apr 21st 2023

    I believe this is a helpful part. I would have preferred the washer at the screw end be about the exactly the same thickness as the other end to add strength. Mine bent when I tightened it down. No torque specs were included.

  • 5
    TC Encore accuracy locker hinge pin

    Posted by Christian Betcher on May 24th 2022

    I found the GREATEST improvement in my 28” 30-06 barrel! I got my groups down to 2” from 5” at 150 yards. That with no change in ammo setup, that make for one happy shooter!

  • 5
    Encore Locker Pin

    Posted by Kim on Mar 12th 2022

    Ha! I didn’t even know this locker pin was out there. After reading what it does I noticed the side to side play in my encore… I have the Locker Pin now and it most definitely works as advertised. Very satisfied with how solid the gun feels like it’s one piece with the simple install of this Locker Pin.

  • 5
    Locker Hinge Pin

    Posted by Gary K on Jun 3rd 2021

    Great idea. Fits perfectly. You will have to do a little milling on the ears of the forearm to accommodate this item, but about 10 minutes with a Dremel tool does the trick. I'm very satisfied with this product.gk

  • 5
    TC Accuracy Hinge Pin

    Posted by Michael Junkin on Dec 11th 2020

    Definitely helps.

  • 5
    Well made

    Posted by Dan Whitaker on Sep 19th 2020

    I installed this on a 22 Hornet barrel. I really liked the way it installed however as others have saidI had to relieve the fore end ears to get the fore end to fit.As far as tighter groups I haven't really noticed much of a change.

  • 5
    accuracy hinge pin

    Posted by Harry Sanderson on Sep 9th 2020

    if you have any slop in your factory hinge pin, you NEED this part, VERY PRECISION piece.

  • 5
    Locker Hinge Pin

    Posted by Ed on Mar 9th 2020

    I Bought my first locker hinge pin about 5 years ago for a Thompson center 35 Whelen pro hunter. It worked fine until something caused rifle to blow up. I have purchased a new pro hunter in 6.5 Creedmoor and knew I wanted the locker pin for this rifle. The new locker pin is easier to use and locked barrel down good product from a great company.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan W on Jan 24th 2020

    I haven't had a chance to shoot my new barrel with this locker hinge pin installed but I found the installation of the locker hinge pin very easy. Since I ordered the laminate stock set at the same time, the forend requires a little sanding on the inside of the wings where the forend fits up to the frame to give it just enough clearance so the forend isn't tight on the hinge pin. putting any pressure on either side of the hinge pin caps. Overall looks to be a great product that allow you to keep consistent accuracy.

  • 4
    TC Encore hinge pin

    Posted by Ed on Dec 31st 2019

    This hinge pin seems very well made and I believe it is an improvement over the factory pin. This one required significant relief on the forearm ears, almost to the point of making dangerously thin. It’s possible that I may end up having to buy another forearm at some point.

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