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TC Encore or Contender Action Job Service - FFL REQUIRED

  • TC Encore and Contender G2 Action Job or Trigger Job
  • TC Encore and Contender G2 Action Job or Trigger Job


TC Encore Pro Hunter or Contender Trigger Job Service
Painstakingly Performed by an Experienced, Skilled EABCO/TC Gunsmith

  • Sear Engagement Shortened - Reduces Trigger Movement Before The Shot
  • Sear Engagement Polished - Gives Consistant, Predictable Feel, Shot After Shot
  • Sear Spring Adjusted - Gives Approx. 2.5 - 3 lb Trigger Pull
  • Includes Overtravel Screw - Reduces Trigger Movement After the Shot
    - Drilled, Tapped, Installed, and Adjusted by Our T/C Specialized Gunsmith
  • Uses Your Original Factory Spec Springs - No Sacrifice in Reliable Function

Most people think of a Trigger Job in terms of reducing the trigger pull WEIGHT... Which is only part of it. The rest of the job involves minimizing the movement and enhancing the consistency. Because accuracy requires a gun to be standing still and locked on target all the way thru the shot. Excess trigger movement before and after the shot can pull your aim ever so slightly off the target. So, we shorten the pre-travel (take-up) in the sear and install an overtravel screw to take out the post travel. The result is that you get a trigger that barely moves when you press it to shoot. Consistency is also important... The sear engagement surfaces on an Encore Pro Hunter have marks from the molding/manufacturing process. Unless we polish these marks out, the sear will seat a little differently every-time you cock the hammer. An EABCO Gunsmith trigger is therefore lighter, shorter, faster, and more consistent than the factory trigger... Even with a good spring kit.

Please fill out work order form and send with your action.  All actions must ship to/from licensed FFL dealer. 

**We do NOT need your barrel, buttstock, forend or hinge pin when you send in your action for this service. Thank you.

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Additional Information

Item Type:
TC Contender
E. Arthur Brown Company
Improves Trigger Pull
Encore Pro Hunter
Item Type:
Trigger Tune
TC Encore Prohunter
G1/SSK-50 and G2 Contender
Item Type:
Item Type:
Action Job
Restricted Shipping - See eabco.com/shipping-firearms/
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