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Remage Barrel Nut Converts Remington 700 to Pre-Fit Barrels

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EABCO Remage Barrel Nut fits Remage Remington 700 Barrels
-Trued and Blued - The heart of our re-barreling system for the Remington 700 is our "Remage" barrel NUT. It not only secures the barrel, it dictates head space, head tension, and barrel alignment with the receiver. All of these things are critical to achieving the best accuracy. And so, we set out to make our Remage Barrel Nut the best it can possibly be:

  • Machined On-Center, front to back... For Perfect Alignment
  • Threaded On-Center, without re-fixturing... Keeping Threads Aligned
  • Trued On-Center, without re-fixturing... Aligning the Nut Face with the Barrel Threads and Breech Face
  • Material 4142 Heat-Treated Stress Free... Will Not Warp Nor Induce Stress.
  • Installs with Savage Barrel Nut Wrench
  • Includes one (1) Remage Barrel Nut
  • Color: Black (blued)

- Remage vs. Savage - Our Remage barrel nut is threaded 1.062-16 and the Savage barrel nut is 1.062-20. Remage nuts will NOT fit Savage barrels NOR will they adapt Savage barrels to your Remington rifle. Remage nuts only fit Remington 700 barrels that are made to Remage Specs. Our Remage Barrel Nut has the same thread diameter and pitch as your Remington 700 Receiver. No modifications are needed to convert your Remington 700 Receiver to the Remage Barrel System.

- Back Story - The Remage Barrel Nut makes it possible to use the Savage-Type system to attach barrels to the Remington 700 Receiver. Much easier to set headspace... More precisely too... And turn your Remington 700 into a change-barrel rifle.

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Remington 700
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