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TC Contender Locking Bolt Set - Tool Steel by EABCO

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T/C Contender G2 Locking Bolt Set - Tool Steel by EABCO
- Precision machined tool steel barrel locking bolts for TC Contender and G2 Contender barrels. 2021 was a worrisome time when S&W announced they were quitting the Thompson Center brand. We could NOT get locking bolts to build our custom TC Contender barrels. We tooled up to machine these excellent locking bolts from tool steel (factory bolts are molded). We've been installing these in our EABCO Accuracy Barrels ever since.
- These bolts are interchangeable with factory bolts and fit factory barrels as well as our EABCO Accuracy Barrels. Sold in matched pairs.

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Item Type:
Locking Bolt
G1 and G2 Contender
E. Arthur Brown Company
Ships Internationally
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3 Reviews

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    eab contender locking bolts

    Posted by Craig on Aug 1st 2023

    These are the best! You won’t be disappointed!

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    Contender Locking Bolt

    Posted by Scott on Mar 31st 2023

    I purchased a T/c Contender G1 Locking bolt, EABCo Tool steel set for my G1 Contender with a 41 mag barrel. out of the box, the part was too tight and the action completely locked up, which was not a surprise as I did my research. With some careful stoning on the areas showing some binding, the part fits perfectly and the action works as if it acme from the factory, or even better. Thanks, as I have been wanting to shoot this barel for a while buty have not been able to until now. Great product, grewat customer service aqs well. I will definitiely buy more and varied items as I work on other projects.

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    Excellent re-design of T/C locking bolt

    Posted by Don on Dec 27th 2022

    I purchased a used T/C Contender that was in excellent condition, but was very hard to unlatch and open the breech. The factory locking bolt groove (where the roller rod rides on the bottom) had chipped off some metal on one side where the roller pin was (see picture) causing uneven pressure on the roller pin, and as a consequence even a hard squeeze on the trigger guard didn't always open the breech. I replaced the factory locking bolt with this tool steel set and flushed out all the gummed-up oil the previous owner had put on the action and trigger lockwork. I very sparingly re-lubed sliding surfaces with dry lube. Now a normal squeeze pops the breech right open -- yet it locks up solidly like a vault on closing. Thanks to EABCO for a simpler and more durable replacement part that should eliminate any metal brittleness and will probably outlast me! I'm going to fit these locking bolts to the rest of my barrels since they work so well.

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