Caldwell Shooting Benchrest - Caldwell Rock™ bench rest and fitted shooting rest bags for bench rest shooting

Caldwell Shooting Benchrests - Caldwell Rock™ and Handy™ bench rests and shooting bags for bench shooters.

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Caldwell Benchrests

Rock™, Handy Rest NXT™, Bench Rests and Bags
  The quest for tight, one-hole groups is why every rifleman should have a good bench rest. These Caldwell rests are a terrific value in two models that match the sophistication that you strive for. (Click the photos to enlarge)
  The Rock™ - Pictured with bag top left (FREE Medium Bag), the Rock is made of heavy, 5˝ lbs of cast iron, steel, and aluminum construction and features level-able foot adjustments, a bubble level, extra wide (and stable) stance, wide, 1" diameter steel center post with adjustment wheel. There's even a forend stop for consistent re-positioning of your rifle for each shot. The wide cradle accepts a variety of bags (sold separately as listed below).
Caldwell01.jpg (20458 bytes) CaldwellHandyRest
Caldwell03.jpg (21692 bytes)
 Top quality and features at a fair price! ORDER 201-383774 The Rock Rest
(Includes Free Medium Front Bag)
Caldwell04.jpg (27929 bytes) Caldwell Bags -- The rear (left) bag positions your buttstock solidly while adjusting elevation by sliding it forward  or back. The front bags fit the Rock™ cradle and come in three sizes for wide Benchrest forends, medium  Varminter forends, and narrow Sporter forends. Order the bag or bags you need below.

 ORDER 201-391981 Narrow Front Bag  |  ORDER 201-174122 Medium Front Bag
ORDER 201-489585 Wide Front Bag  |  ORDER 201-226645 Rear Bag

The Handy™ Rest NXT - Pictured top right, the Handy is a low cost alternative to metal  bench rests. It is has a front sling stud clearance groove, and is constructed of durable lightweight materials. The intuitive design includes a removable handgun support attachment that easily converts this rifle rest to a handgun rest.   

ORDER 201-574662 Handy Rest NXT

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