Caldwell Shooting Bipods - Caldwell bipods in black or camo, for prone or sitting bipod shooters and hunters.
Caldwell Shooting Bipods - Caldwell bipods for prone or sitting bipod shooters and hunters.

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Caldwell Shooting Bipods
Prone or Sitting Sized Models

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  All of the most desirable bipod features are in these two reasonably priced prone and sitting models from Caldwell: Adjustable height, cant, swivel, and fold out of the way. They attach to a standard forend swivel stud and they're super lightweight...  
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ORDER 201-457855 Prone Bipod Black
ORDER 201-335235 Sitting Bipod Black

Lightweight aluminum and glass-polymer.
18 of Cant(tilt) in either direction.
20 of swivel without repositioning legs.
Prone Adjusts 8-12" in Height.
Sitting Adjusts 14-30" in Height
Folds forward when not in use.

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Pod-Loc Lever for Harris Bipods
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Harris Bipods Pod-Loc Lever for Bipods Shooters Ridge Bipods S-Lever for Bipods

New! S-Lever Bipod Lock for S-Type Bipods Works Like the Pod-Loc™

This New Lever Is Nearly Identical to the PodLoc and Fits BOTH Harris and Caldwell XLX S-Type Bipods
  The Harris and Caldwell XLA "S" type bipods allow you to tilt or cant your rifle side to side to level your crosshairs. It's a great system. However, the friction tensioning knob is hard to adjust with your fingers.
S-Lever Pod-Loc for Harris Bipods
 Our S-Lever Tension Lever is an economical replacement for the friction tensioning knob to give you much better control and leverage.
  Pictured top left is the standard S-type bipod. Top right is the same type of bipod with an S-Lever installed. The S-Lever can also be released and re-positioned after you've adjusted it. Made of fiber reinforced nylon (just like the Pod-Loc™), the S-Lever is designed to flex or break off if it gets over-tightened or hung up on something in the field.
  The Harris S-Lever installs on all "S" type Harris and XLA bipods.
  Installs easily. Unscrew the friction nut and replace it with an S-Lever, complete instructions included... Order Your's Today!
Info/Order S-Lever for Harris S-Type Bipod

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